When you guys are out and about with friends fourwheel driving, how do you's communicate?

Rusty Panels

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1st AM CB I installed I did something horribly wrong. Randomly when I pushed the transmit button, anything transmitted would come out the speakers in the back of the car like the volume was turned up to 11. Jiggled the wires and checked the installation and it came good without actually changing anything. Still no idea what I did.

On occasion I work with things that have electrically initiated explosives fitted. You definitely have to respect the safety distances for RF interference with them. 20m for a mobile phone and 30m for a vehicle mounted radio. I haven't tried it out to see where the RF interference actually kicks in.
Most electronic stuff is shielded to stop RF coming out but probably not so much to prevent RF coming in. I used to be a copier Tech and the digital copiers have huge amounts of metal shielding over the boards to stop RF both coming and going.


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Pardon my ignorance but what about marine handheld 5w vhf units? Are they really much better in range in bushy mountainous areas than the 5watt uhf handhelds?
Bush and hills kill uhf quick my thinking is vhf will be only marginally better given the limitations of output power and antenna sizing.