Wheeny Creek - Gees arm South


Hey Guys,

So Friday the last day at the mechanics (Xtreme 4x4 Mona Vale) was chaos to get my old mans (Mitsubishi Triton) and my car ready (Single Cab Hilux). That arvo as we were having a few beers after it was all done, we decided that we would go for a 4b on the Sunday the 23rd. So we did.....

I have only been on this track twice by myself and haven't finished it due to needing a spotter cause it does get abit hairy at times.
We got there at about 9am keen to test out our new equipment...
Triton had a bullbar and winch, rear bar, dual battery and a 2 inch lift put on
Hilux had a winch put on.
So as we came to the first rock steps dad (with less experience) looked at me with a worried look on his face but after abit of guidance from me he was set on getting down the hill.

Anyway long story short about half way into the track we were having a ball and dad was getting more confident. We gave his new suspension abit of a workout and at the end of the track he gave his winch a go aswell as it got abit much for the long wheelbase dual cab.

I was disappointed that i couldn't test my winch out but I guess ill need to try find something abit more difficult next time.

All in all was a great day out and was awesome to spend the day doing something with the old man that we both love.

Ill upload a few pics below.


These are the pics of a great day out.


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Its a must do!!! Its a great track and the more cars the better i reckon...let me know if you want someone to show you around...


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hi mate i just posted in another section of this forum to find out if a standard dmax n a navara with 2inch lift would be able to have some fun out at wheeny creek. just looking for a couple hours fun.

just wondering if u may be able to help. thanks mate n awesome pics u got up


Hey mate it all comes down to how good you can drive and what lines you take. I have taken a stock hilux there and had awsome fun with mates but didn't get to the end of the track that time though! My old man has a triton dual cab and we've gotten most of the way in that, he only has a two inch lift! I would say you should be right for most of it! Get out there and give it a good go...make sure you got recovery gear just in case!

When are you thinking of going? I might be able to come up if I'm not working.


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hey mate not to sure when i be heading there was going today but my mates working so possibly in another 2 saturdays we may go out


Went Saturday with a couple of mates, this was 2nd visit, made it to the end this time.

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Nice :D are they 33's? You got lockers?

It's a 84 4Runner, twin Lokka's, 4.77 Crawler gears, 4.88 diffs, 33" Mickey Thompson MTZ's, no lift, got the clearance trimming the wheel arches and a FB hammer on the pinch seams inside the arches.
It runs the 2.4 NON turbo diesel motor, slow getting to the tracks, but very capable when you're on them.
Some more flex would be nice, also wish I'd have done the twin stick conversion when I fitted the reduction gears, but it is what it is and it's fun.