Wheeny Creek campground closed


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YEP!!! red tape, deal with it every day, try to ignore it most days, I work for A council (not that one) and it is very @#$%ing annoying, TOO MUCH POLITICS, I have found it is easier to beg for forgiveness rather than ask permission, so if you want to fix it make sure you can do it and finish it in a weekend, be professional, look like your meant to be there and sorry, no kids (WHS stuff) to quote a brand JUST DO IT, to many whingers, not enough doers, we are fighting a loosing battle with vandals, don't know what the answer is, money is short everywhere, maybe get someone to sponsor
the project, council love that crap, puts a "feel good" story in the paper and then the council looks good in the public eye.:cool:

Sounds like some good thoughts tucked into that statement.

I'm keen tomorrow if anyone has the skills and tools.
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i agree with ITLDOO

we should just do it im sure there are a few builders on here that would be able to sponsor this project and im sure there would be many people on her that are willing to help


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So we had our Christmas Party yesterday, great day with heaps of fun had by all!

I spent half the day on friday, covering 300 or so kms looking for a suitable venue, we decided on Nurragingy Reserve which worked really well.
Late on friday arvo, (too late to change the venue again) we received a phone call from the ranger stating that Wheeny Creek camp grounds are now "OPEN" again, the Council/NPWS have put 2 Portaloos down there as a temporary measure. This is a good thing as they obviously recognise that we (the vast majority of 4wders) are not responsible for the actions of a select few, and they've also made an effort to accommodate any groups down there, while the future of the toilet block is discussed.

We were pleasantly surprised to receive that call, Usually everything stays "in house." unfortunately we'd already made the call to change venues.

We still did a night run out there last night and noticed quite a few groups camping which is good to see.

As far as fixing the toilet block goes, a few acro-props would be needed and then a bricky with a few extra "Blonde bricks" (to replace the broken ones) would do the trick. ;)

Maybe a "working bee" would be the way to go, with the Council/NWPS involved, repaired by 4wders as a gesture of good will, and then some clear signs stating that...

"The vandalism to these toilets has been repaired by the public, at their own cost, Please think twice."

...or something to that effect, would deter future idiots...."Just thinking out loud"


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its open atm with portaloos in place

the ranger i came across was a bit of a tool. yells at me to slow down when i was stopping to talk to him, he was completely rude like i shouldn't have been driving threw there. I have met many a ranger on my travels and never had any problems with them. but this guy was just a rude arrogant tool.