Wheel Offsets


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Hey guys would really like an answer on this, i have just bought a courier but the rims are offset about 45mm out of the guards, is it legal if i just put 50mm rubber flares on it or is it still illegal? I'm in SA



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wheel offset table

Does anyone have a link to the offset used on common 4WDs? If not might be a good idea to start one here.

For example I have a 2003 SR Hilux and want to know what wheels from other utes might fit it, so far I know post 2005 won't but maybe a navara d22 would?

A table detailing make, year and offset would be real handy when looking for 2nd hand wheels...


if you go to

CSA Direct - Fitment Guide

you can see what your vehicle details are and what wheels they have available

if you click on the bottom of the page and download the cattledog you can see the list
of all vehicles pcd and offset and can work out from there what else might fit your vehicle


the other thing to be aware of is centre bore size

on 4wd i think you are pretty safe but when you get into other vehicles the pcd and offset match but the centre bores do change

centre bore is the hole in the centre of the wheel

imho having the right centre bore size is the most important thing

the centre bore is what actually holds the vehicle off the ground

the wheel nuts jobs are to make sure the wheel stays attached to the vehicle

if your centre bore is wrong then the wheel studs are doing the job of holding the vehicle off the ground and can and do snap because of this

if you do some google you can find some charts showing pcd and also centre bore
such as this sort of thing

What cars use a 5 x 114.3 bolt pattern

Thread Size Wheel Bolt Pattern Application Chart


I was always told that no matter what size wheel you have on the car, including offsets and tyre sizes etc, you must keep the center line of the wheel at the same place as the original manufacturer's wheel center line. As soon as you change this you are altering the the stresses on the bearings assembly and may risk them breaking.

I believe this is one reason why spacers are not necessarily legal.



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what rim size and offset is the best to get tyres flush with the flares on an mk triton glxr
thinking 275/70/16 for tyres


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Ow, my head hurts;-)
Thanks, very informative. I'm not 100% sure what I can run, but at least I'm beginning to understand the negative offset that everyone talks about when selling/buying rims.


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I had std 5.5 split rims of which I believe are 0 offset, I upgraded to 235/85/16 to 16 x 6 csa/ranger steel wheels which only came in 0 offset, nothing in the fitment guide had any info relating to my car, fitted and nothing scraps, imagine that there was only a marginal increase in size, imo