Whats this about gembrook


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I was driving in gembrook today and some rangers came up tous and told us from now on you can not drive off road only on tracks ... so no bog holes on the side or that :( anyone know about this


I dont know if it has recently changed or not, but this is on the park web site :

# When driving or riding, keep to the constructed tracks. Observe signs for 'management vehicles only', 'walkers only' and 'horse riders only'.
# All roads and tracks in the park are public roads. Vehicles and motorbikes must be road registered and drivers and riders must be licensed.
# Vehicles must not drive off formed roads. Roads open to vehicles within the park are public roads, therefore normal road laws apply.

Now unless they catch you actually in the bog hole, what are they going to do???

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Nup. BUT where i am from! There are heaps of awesome "non track" areas and you can get a fine for being caught on them and RACQ wont go in there if you break down... Haha!


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so no bog holes on the side or that :( anyone know about this

Hi Michael1223 why would you want to do that anyhow? Its a pointless exercise and its this kind of behavior that causes the authority's to lock us out of our favorite 4x4 tracks and areas . There is many fun tracks which do not require you to run back and forth through these wallows and which cause much less harm to the environment.



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Hey michael
See my trip report from Bunyip the other week. This is one good reason not to visit the bog holes!
As responsible 4wders we should only stick to the tracks. If there are bog holes on the tracks, this should make it ok? Anyway, it gets in your suspension and brakes and stuff. Oh and radiator fins too!
You would be silly to go in any of them up there anyway without measuring the depth.. as mr super lifted Patrol ute found out!


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Yup would pay to check out the parks vic web site and/or any signs you see when entering the area in question.
And besides it takes little or no extra effort to get yourself bogged on a made/formed track in a bog hole anyway.... not that I would know......