whats the best product for boiling water in firebans


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Wonder where I stand with my Petrol sotve anti personnel ?

During a total fire ban (minimum 24-hour period):
  • All campfire and solid fuel (wood, heat beads, charcoal, briquettes, hexamite) and liquid fuel (petroleum, oil, methylated spirits, kerosene) barbecues and stoves are prohibited.
  • Gas/electric barbecues installed by NPWS are permitted.
  • Visitor-owned gas and electric barbecues and cookers are generally prohibited. There may be exceptions if you contact the local park office in advance for written permission. Gas and electric cookers are permitted within a caravan or 3-sided enclosed annexe of a caravan.


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The little butane or LP burner stoves work pretty well for boiling water but it depends on what you are using on it. I find a billy to be pretty slow but a small kettle with spout work quite well as they are closed and they have a rim around the bottom to capture the heat better. I also fill it using the cup I am using for my coffee so I am not trying to boil too much water.
The kettles are cheap too

This is the style I have https://www.anacondastores.com/camping-hiking/camp-cooking/cookware-utensils/campfire-4l-whistling-kettle/BP90033115
I found the billy was slow but my small saucepan and lid works really good, trick is to only put enough for one or two cups at a time in,


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MSR Reactor I have is awesome for quick boils on the tailgate. Jetboil is similar

Just edit this to add the reactor has no naked flames its all enclosed when the pot sits on top of it so its pretty ideal and also its wind proof so winds cant blow any sparks.
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I'm facing a similar issue with my new camper trailer. It hasn't got any hot water system and I'll need it for washing up, cooking etc.

I considered getting one of the Dometic 12v kettles as they hold 750ml and having a permanent mount. However I've since found out that they slaughter your battery and take nearly 20 mins to boil!

I can't justify over $100 for a jetboil considering how often it'd be used so looks like it'll be a Billy on the stove. It's a shame in this day and age there's not a wider variety of options.