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whats on your current shopping list

Discussion in 'General 4x4 Discussion' started by red hilux, Jul 8, 2018.

  1. red hilux

    red hilux Well-Known Member

    I think I have 4 things I want to do to my 120 prado
    130amp alternator upgrade $200
    endless air $395
    3" dump to my cat, leave the rest of the exhaust $440
    barn door table, just end half as it will interfere with the draw
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  2. sharkcaver

    sharkcaver Well-Known Member

    I've been getting some OT of late. I've been on a buying spree (you cant take it with ya):
    Travel Buddy marine oven
    Pubski trays for the TB
    Snorkel pre filter socks
    foam air filter oil for the socks
    battery analyser
    HPD catch can

    And it's time to redo the aux bat lectrics:

    Mini ANL distribution blocks
    narva 6 port fuse box with common power and earth

    At some point you think you have your bus right where you want it, then you realise there is still more dollars to spend.

    Still need to look into an R&R bead breaker.....seeing I do so many tyres :mad:
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  3. red hilux

    red hilux Well-Known Member

  4. skygear

    skygear New Member

    Simarine Pico all in one monitor
    Bar work - fender protectors on all 4 corners/ tires and sliders
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  5. shaun0

    shaun0 Active Member

    Getting ORS rear drawers and 45 litre water tank as well cargo barrier and top shelf installed next week in the 100 series. Also have bought an Engel 45 to go in there and getting the stock twin cranking batteries changed out for dual system. Using Optima 31 for the crank and a 100ah Lithium as the auxiliary charging that up with a Redarc 1240D. I am still thinking of getting another Optima 31 so keeping the cranking setup parallel but not sure I really need 3 batteries!
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  6. skygear

    skygear New Member

    I like over kill. 2 is 1 and 1 is none. So having that 3rd would be awesome. We have 2 group 31M's and 2 solar batteries. Yeah. So 3 sounds good to me.
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  7. hiluxdriver

    hiluxdriver Well-Known Member

    Got to fix all the cosmetics up so I can trade it in
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  8. richardlnsw

    richardlnsw Moderator

    On a Prado I hope.:cool::D
  9. richardlnsw

    richardlnsw Moderator

    Needed this thread up last year..... my list was loooong then lol even treated myself to a new Akubra last year :)
    New tyres will be next but not for about 12 months I hope.
  10. Spooner

    Spooner Well-Known Member

    New rubber needed now
  11. Hoyks

    Hoyks Well-Known Member

    I have done about all I want to do to mine.
    1st 4x4 I hardly did anything to as I was poor.
    2nd about all I did was suspension and had plans, but the boss had other ideas and I had to sell it as we were poor.
    3rd I upgraded a heap of stuff in the 9 years I had it and finally finished tinkering about 2 months before I inherited Dads very low km ute.
    4th was Dads ute, he drove it out of the dealer and put tyres on it after 10 years... tyres, oil and washer fluid was about all that didn't come from the Mazda factory.... oh, and a radio aerial because a cow ate it and he couldn't get angry with John Lawes with no radio. I put in a snorkel, UHF and a water tank.

    This one I have done up on the cheap, but after 4 years have everything I want on it. Got the bull bar, side steps, UHF, dual battery setup, side rails (still in the shed though), snorkel, driving lights, light bar, winch, good rubber and the home made camper to slide on and off.
    The problem is that driving it to and from work everyday is slowly killing it.

    So, on the shopping list is....[​IMG]

    Just have to convince the boss....
  12. red hilux

    red hilux Well-Known Member

    I thought that was a nissan juke for a second
  13. hiluxdriver

    hiluxdriver Well-Known Member

    I doubt it. More than likely either a 79, 78 series or maybe a 200 series. Leaning toward a 79 though
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  14. Zamunda

    Zamunda Well-Known Member

    Current shopping list.......THE GLENLIVET 25-Year-Old Single Malt Whisky :D
    Even got a special compartment built in the 80 to keep it safe.
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  15. itlldoo

    itlldoo Well-Known Member

    now let me see, all round Raslarr bar work with a few custom bits built in, 35's, stage 4 Icon long travel shocks and springs, Sherpa, mule winch,TX3550s uhf, new Arial, complete car rewiring, but before that get a few rust spots to get fixed, seat captive bolts re-welded to the floor,new windscreen hard to see thru after 27 years, that should do it ! :cool:....oops almost forgot, new custom roof bars-rack thing !:D:D
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  16. 80lover96gxl

    80lover96gxl Moderator

    Rear bar and LRT.
  17. shaun0

    shaun0 Active Member

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  18. 80lover96gxl

    80lover96gxl Moderator

    Yeah are expensive for sure.
    Ozbar i think are the cheaper kaymar bars aswell but not sure if they make for 100 series.
    Raslar bars are some of the nicest looking bar and way better priced than kaymar but again, not sure if made for 100's.
  19. red hilux

    red hilux Well-Known Member

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  20. 80lover96gxl

    80lover96gxl Moderator

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