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Unfortunately the law doesnt always get it right, you gotta be 100% sure you have the right offender, and with the death penalty, no one will plead guilty
There are no guarantees in life. Overwhelming evidence is all thats needed. CCTV, dash cams, several eye witness,s....too much scum still walking our streets. I,d bury the lot of them .

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Unfortunately it does not work that way. Courts are working with a fixed number of cells. The number of cases before them each year far exceeds the number of cells available to them. Gaols are always full. The number of prisoners going in each day state wide always closely matches the number being released.

When a new gaol opens, the courts suddenly find a lot more people to put in. Six months or so later when it is full, they suddenly run out of extra offenders and the system reverts to matching what goes in with what goes out.

The whole system is a giant mathematical balancing exercise that has to keep within the Government's annual budget. It can't be open ended with judges doing whatever they want.
I worked for NSW Justice so I have a fair idea how it works. You do see far more being let off lightly than you used to. There is far too much space taken up in our system by those who cannot and will not ever be rehabilitated. We need a "Star Chamber".


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The 4X4 driver appears to be in the wrong as well (?) = didn't have a clear enough view to make sure the road was clear to pull out.
Which 4x4 are you referring to??

The white verhicle overtook over double white lines, had enough time to get back into the correct lane but had some sort of brain fart & thought he was driving in the USA?

There is only one person at fault in this accident, the white vehicle, if he didnt break the law in the 1st place no incident!

Yep thats why I have a dashcam to, I need one on the rear though now to.

I think what is even more disturbing is the number of near misses that dont come to light or to the court room.
Not sure about current laws but I feel that dashcam footage should be able to be submitted to police
In the workplace you are encouraged to write a WH&S report everytime there is a near miss, where are the reports of vehicle near misses going??.............Nowhere!

Obviously if police needed to follow up on near misses there wouldnt be enough cops to do other important work but they need to come up with a dob in a DH driver scheme otherwise the death & injury toll will just keep going up.

I think we should be incouraged to send the footage to the police & report it!
In some of those dashcam vids I have seen people driving up the footpath, up the islands & just doing some crazy stuff & just getting away with it I presume but we see the footage on youtube & shake out heads, that does nothing really except maybe make us wary at best but the people still keep doing what they please.

We need to get repeat reckless drivers off the roads, there have been way to many deaths where repeat offenders just get a slap on the wrist, agree.
Thats where the justice system lets us down.

Also I am wondering if the car that was overtaken ever stopped to render assistance?
He looked in he was going to but then deided to keep going??
A bystander for sure but not very nice if he didnt imo!!

Lastly, I like to actually view these via youtube & check out the comments from people, this one has a hundred + comments that all vary.


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ACT police were taking about having a submit your dashcam footage, not sure if it stands up in court or if they can prosecute of it


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ACT police were taking about having a submit your dashcam footage, not sure if it stands up in court or if they can prosecute of it
Well you here/see news reports where a murder/fatality happens & there is no on street cams & police ask people to come forward with any dashcam footage soI dont see why they wouldnt ask to see footage where you see a reckless action.

I mean they arrest people for hoon footage thats been shown on social media like FB so I again cant see the difference?

I did find this-


And this-

It would be a good think in my eyes that police see footage of dangerous driving before the event of a fatality, but most policing tends to be after the event these days :rolleyes:
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The biggest problem with the system is the inconsistency`s of penalty`s given out by the courts.

Take drink driving, one person walk`s away almost scott free and someone else gets the book thrown at them for the exact same thing.
I used to watch it every week in the local rag, they would list the weekend dipshit`s who fronted the beak on Monday.

A mate of mine with highway patrol said that they just hand out the largest fine for speeding, if the court`s get hold of it
They always get a lot less.

They need to make that an on the spot fine and a harsh one, take the court`s and lawyers out of the loop.
If you want to take it to court no worries, if you loose it doubles.