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Okay guys and gals

I now have the money for a gps unit and this is were the headache began!!!!:(
what i realy would like costs$2-500, yes i have expensive tastes some times. the crunch is i have $500-00 to spend. i will push it to $1000 if the unit is realy good. this for off road driving mainly. NO!! one gets lost in the city :D:D:D:D:D. so please get rid of my headache and HELPPPPPPPP!!!!:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:


If you want a navman style GPS then probably the hema would be the go as it does street nav around town & runs Oziexplorer Ce & topo maps for offroad.

Or you could get a PDA & bluetooth GPS & run Oziexplorer ce & top maps for offroad only.

Or if you already have a laptop you could buy Oziexplorer & a cheap handheld garmin or similar GPS or a bluetooth or USB GPS for offroad.



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PDA with a GPS buillt in then run Ozi Explorer. You will need both Ozi CE for the PDA and OZI full for your PC. You should get this for under a grand and still have left over for a few good bottles of Red.

Check out the GPS section of this site - heaps of good info there.



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I run the big Magellan Explorist as it has a large screen . I got it fully loaded with maps from TELSTAT in Seaford, I paid $1300 but that was a few years ago, probably much cheaper now - I'm quite happy with it .

Have a talk to 4X4 he is quite knowledgeble about GPS units


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Hema Navigator.

I got one in December last year. It was ( and still is ) a bit expensive at just over $900 retail, but you now see them on eBay etc a bit cheaper. They come with Route 66 for your standard Australian Street Navigation and Ozi Explorer for you off road needs. Also comes preloaded with Memory Map. Hema maps form part of the package.

The best feature of this unit from my perspective is that you can scan, create or make maps of any area you want, calibrate it via Ozi on the laptop or PC and upload straight to the unit.

The Hema came with a 4Gb memory card, but I have copied the contents of this over to an 8Gb which gives me more than enough space for map and other file storage. I have put the original 4Gb away in a safe place somewhere :confused::confused::confused: as a backup in case the thing dies.

It is all pretty easy to use and allows all functions with tracks, waypoints, routes etc.

I recommend it, but that is my opinion and is 100 % on what I had last time, which was nothing for off road use.

There are several other posts on the site explaining how to buy a cheaper unit and unlock it to enable loading of Ozi etc as well as maintaining the use of the traditional street nav software pre installed.

Good luck with your choice. You may also want to look at the GPS Australia web site, they have a lot of good info available.