What tent do you use?

anyone bought a tent from rays outdoors? i forgot the brand but i think they stock oztrek or something?... when i went down to VIC with the SES during the bushfires we stayed in these awesome tents (literally tent city with hundreds of tents on a footy oval) - i actually took the paper label from the bag so i could try and buy the same one.... ended up being from rays outdoors but they stopped making that kind.... but ive heard from a few mates that they're not well made from rays outdoors?.....

Have Single pole canvas tent from Rays, been out in pouring rain no leaking problems, quick to set up, plenty of windows to keep you cool in summer. Our previous tent also from rays big 2 room with annexe canvas fantastic no problems with anything we have bought from rays


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The long stay in one place tent is a light 3 room canvas
The short camping we use 3 dome tents and a large tarp. This gives a tent for my son and one of the others to the daughters.

This is my oztent.
I know they are a little on the long side for the roof rack ( just fits in)
But they go up real quick and are roomy enough for me the missus and dog.


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I have a eziawn rooftop tent,great for touring and ezy to put up.Have been through some mad storms,never got wet,up high n dry,also no criters crawling in,and you feel safe when other forbys sound a bit to close.Down side,geting out for a pee in the night and it tyes up your car,cant drive off! Wife & I have had many great trips in it over the last 7 years, still like new,great tourer.
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Just bought it, had a 5 man dome that did me well for years, and consistently borrow a mates Blackwolf Turbo 300 (Awesome Tent).

Get away quite regularly, so the money means the tent lasts a lot longer
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I have the COI. So far so good. Its NZ's version of Southern Cross. I have the older style with the velcro at the bottom. Had the thing in 4 inches of water one night during a downpour so I'm told by someone outside digging trenches around their own tent. Not a drop came in. Best money I have spent, and it was second hand.
Just bought an Oztrail tourer 9 plus, had a Southern cross years ago and missed how easy it was to put up, with the plus bit there is loads of room- soon will buy the side pole kit.
last trip ariving at 3am in the freezing cold stuffing about with flexi poles and working out which end of the fly was the front under a spottie was enough for us.


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just bought an oztrail tourer for me and the boy on weekends. $180 from Anaconda. Looking forward to testing it out. Appears to be reasonable canvas etc and very quick to set up.
Single pole and packs to 1m by 1m. may look at the side pole kit for extra $50 also.
I have a southern cross ultimate 9 which is great for the two of us. It is very quick to put up, handles all weather, quick to pack up and most of all it easily fits back into its carry bag. Use the single pole for overnight stays and the side poles for extended stays.
my wife & I used to use one of those cheap tents from Big W until we got sick of it so we put down a deposit on a C/T the week b4 getting our trailer we went camping & our tent poles snapped & nearly took my eye out so we went home knowing that we would be smiling the next week when we drive home with our brand new C/T


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We have a 2 set ups.

1: The canvas tent which has heaps of room and great for camping where we stay in one place for 3 or more days. With the fly over the over and extenting out gives more outside space. The 3 rooms in the tent can easierly fix 5 adults sleeping side by side.

2: My wife and I have the $100 BigW special which has had the water proofing redone, the Son has a tent and the 2 girls another. Under the fly again is good for trips that do 2 - 3 days or a island camping. Mainly used for short trips or where weight is an issue


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I have a couple of tents, the first one is a $100 kmart special, that has 3 rooms plus a screened annexe, (quad dome) pain in the bum to put up but is very roomy. Fits a queen size air bed and 2 double size air beds
The second one I bought from Anaconda on special, from memory it was $200, it is a 2 room tent (double dome) and is a piece of piss to put up by one person and 2 queen size air beds fit in this one.
I just got myself a EPE Speedy tent. To put it up and pack away takes no longer than 10secs. Fond it to be great all I have to do is chuck the swag in it, presto. It's great for one person maybe 2 at squeeze.
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Its worth the $$$$

We spent the big biscuits and got our selves an RV 5. This thing is friggin awesome and the best bit is that my wife puts it it, where she wants, something about catching the breeze and all that fungshoe stuff...... and I get to light the fire sooner...

The best bit is that we can get to a spot, drop the thing on the ground and be warming our toes by the fire in minutes...deepends on my trusty fire lighting skills and me mate Kero.......

We had the Black Wolf tent and thought that was the ducks guts but now...Im converted...Canvas is the way to go. Especially when your setup\packed up in 15 minutes and their is now "discussions" with the boss re how the bloody thing goes up... it just does!!!

Will post some pics after Aust day trip! Cheers BnB