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What tent do you use?

Discussion in 'Tents' started by InSanE, Sep 23, 2008.

  1. hiluxdriver

    hiluxdriver Well-Known Member

    Are people trying to find you or something?
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  2. cultana

    cultana Active Member

    Just call it years of training and ops.
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  3. nayala

    nayala Active Member

    Tin tent when solo, and blackwolf turbo lite 240 plus with fams
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  4. Bru

    Bru New Member

    Used an OZ Tent for many years. We call it the "The Marriage Saver"after the previous tent, with numerous unidentifiable poles, caused major disruption to marital harmony while trying to set up in the dark ,accompanied by rain and numerous leaches. The Oz takes 30 secs to erect. Has withstood torrential rain and high winds. It's a beauty.
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  5. greysrigging

    greysrigging Well-Known Member

    20151023_060856.jpg [​IMG]
    Just a simple mozzie dome that erects like an umbrella. Not waterproof of course but takes a couple of minutes to set up and dismantle
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  6. Les PK Ranger

    Les PK Ranger 4x4 Earth Contributer

    Perfect for the northern regions too :)
  7. shickered

    shickered New Member

    We purchased a Black Wolf Turbolite Cabin 450 last year for our family of in preparation for a trip up the cape this year. Have only used it once on a sunny weekend up around Licola and I was impressed with how easy it was to set up and how roomy it was inside. I'm sure if I had read the instructions it would have been even easier though! But real men don't need instructions, right? o_O
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  8. Chatty

    Chatty Well-Known Member

    The only use for instructions is something for your wife to beat you over the head with while repeating "You've done it all wrong - here, look at this!"
  9. GUnka

    GUnka Well-Known Member

    It's my experience that it is usually women who won't use instructions and when they can't work something out they then ask you to do it or explain how to do it to them. :rolleyes:o_O
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  10. gaz n Shell

    gaz n Shell New Member

    We've got an RV5 oztent ,great tent,don't need pegs most of the time which is great when the grounds like concrete,It's our second oztent the first lasted for 15 years and copped a hammerin, gave it to a mate and he's still usin it.
    Can't fault the new one it's a bit bigger so the cook can put more stuff in it but takes up the same space as the old one,luvin it
  11. stu9

    stu9 New Member

    I am very new to this forum game, so forgive me if this is ....
    We have an Amarok dual cab ute, which only just fits under the house. No room for roof racks, so no Oztent. Our tent has to fit inside the ute with everything else. We bought a Black Wolf Turbo 300 plus. Overall, it is a fantastic bit of kit. We kicked around the idea of the turbo lite, but both liked real canvas and the heavier floor. Trouble is, this makes the tent a big beast in its bag, and damn heavy. It fits neatly across the Amarok ute, just in front of the tailgate. There's enough space on top to put our camping table, maxtraxs and a couple of folding chairs, then shut the hard tonneau cover, just.
    We did a trip from of about 7500km last September and October. Stopped at Lawn Hill (Adels Grove camping area), Devils Marbles, Davenport Ranges, West McDonald Ranges, Finke River & Palm Valley, Kings Canyon, Ayers Rock, then down to Mt Dare and across the Simpson. We decided that for single night stops we wouldn't bother with the fly/awning unless it looked like rain. This worked very well. Making camp took very slightly longer than those with camper trailers, sometimes we broke camp faster than they did. The extra time making camp was often clearing burs etc from the area before placing the tent.
    The window covers on the Black Wolfs are the best idea I have seen for this on any tent, by far. They provide privacy, and can still be open with a raging storm outside with NO rain getting inside the tent. Brilliant! Check the pictures below. IMG_4903.jpg P1020444.jpg
  12. inmused

    inmused New Member

    We tow ours. Austrack Camper @ Barrington Tops.
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  13. paul-gee

    paul-gee Member

    For car camping, I have a little Escape Outdoors (Rays) Adapt 3, which is essentially a 3-person 'lightweight' dome. For the price, it's actually a nice little tent. I've even taken it on a few hiking trips with the other half - it's light enough when split over two packs.

    For hiking, I have a DMH (now Mannagum) Cygnet 1. I'm about to upgrade this to a MSR Freelite 2 as I want something super light but with enough space for two of us. I do most of my hiking solo so the Freelite is light and compact enough to carry on my own.
  14. gaz n Shell

    gaz n Shell New Member

    We are on our second Oztent,we used the first one for 10 years and gave it to a friend and got the new RV5 for a bit more room,best bloody tent goin. P1110036.JPG
  15. MyCrazy80

    MyCrazy80 Well-Known Member

    I had one of those tents they are good, I lent mine to my brothers mate and the moron somehow burned a big hole in it and never told me it wasn't until I went to use it next that I realized, BTW nice rig gotta love the 80's, oh yeah now I just use a cheap Kmart or bigw tent that was on special for $12, I bought 2 of them I don't know how they would fair up in the rain but its good enough to sleep in after a heap of beers up here in the territory.
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  16. gaz n Shell

    gaz n Shell New Member

    Thanks mate, yea gotta luv the 80's ,I've had the old girl for twenty years now,I reckon they'll bury me in it ah.
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  17. Airstrike

    Airstrike Member

    Using Oztrail 4V tent + a 3 person light hiking tent!

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  18. patrolgu4

    patrolgu4 Active Member

    Oztent RV4 when with better half .... swag when flying solo....

  19. Pietros

    Pietros New Member

    Blackwolf Turbo 300 plus when traveling a lot, Coleman Northstar 10 if planning on staying put a while.
  20. konazz

    konazz New Member

    For those with Turbo 300 Plus, can you use the tent by leaving the bedroom clipped up and throw the fly over? E.g. if we're in for a quick stop?
    I'm torn between an RV5 + RV5T + peaked panels vs a T300+.
    For solo expeditions, I'm still using my canvas EPE Speedy Tent (I think I've had about 60 nights away in it) which is going strong. But now I'm needing a bigger tent
    a) we have a daughter with a porta cot
    b) my disabled brother tried sharing the EPE with me a few weeks ago, and nearly destroyed it as I forgot he has claustrophobia. He ended up sleeping in the car, but left the tent open and I was swimming in water the next morning after it poured.

    I'm in 2 thoughts:
    - get an RV5 set up + foxwing initially, that'll give me the ability for quick 4WD trips with my brother. once we're ready to camp with the little one later this year, I'll get the RV5T + floor + peaked panels. All up, a quite expensive set up - I'd rather spend the money on hiring a caravan or camper trailer (can't store a trailer at our house). It would also take up most of my roof rack
    - get a BW T 300+. For family trips, expand it out + use our gazebo. For 4WD trips, just use it, but with the bedroom clipped up as I won't need it for the 2 of us. I considered the 240+ but my brother will also come on the odd trip with us (i should be anointed a saint after dealing with him sometimes - my wife tolerates him a lot better)

    I have a Sunseeker II awning with various extensions, but its the small one, so an RV5T will require a foxwing or a 2.5m rhino awning

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