What size could i go?


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31's are the biggest legal size, you would probably get away with 32's , don't go to wide just taller, 235/85/16 would be a good fit .
Asking on a manufacturer specific forum will get you the best / educated advice
Check what sizes were fitted to MK Triton. I thought 265/70 x 16 was an option on this model. That would allow you to fit 32's. I'm with Matt when it comes to tyre width. Plenty of choice in that size too.
thanks guys, the tyre sais LT265/70r16/8pr
no idea what this means...though i believe their the same size as stock, their on the triton wheel anyway.
my manual has different numbers for 2 different models (2800 and 3000) - not sure which mine is. guessing 3000
2800 = 205/80r16 104s
3000 = 265/70r16 112s...
Thanks. I found a pair that are 32x11.50r15l..is this another way to write it? Ffs lol. So i guess thats 11.5 inch in width, 1 inch more than mine. Should this be alright or should i strictly stay at 10.5 inches/26cm? My car has IFS suspension if that makes a difference...
I had 31 x10.5 15 on 8 inch rims, just cleared guards, about 10mm clearance, with torsion bars cranked up.
235 85 16, or 32's, on stock rims, plenty of clearance. Could probably have gone 33 and still cleared guards.
32 x 11.5, doubt they would clear.
Was a noticeable difference / loss in power up hills too with 32, but if yours is 3000 petrol, may not be such an issue.


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Damian I don't how strong the diffs, axels, drive train, gearboxs, bearings, steering components etc are on your car but something to remember is you will be introducing more stress in lots of areas the the taller and wider your tyres are.
Thanks mate. So ill try find one the same width as mine then. Dont want any dramas. And ys looks like its 3000 model, do u know the difference between em?

No sorry, only that turbo diesel are 2.8and v6 3.0
205 80 is 29,
265 70 is 30.5 says tyres conversion chart.
Would make sense the v6 could turn a bigger tyre easily.

Really, 31 is enough, the drivetrain is fairly solid, at least in diesels, wouldn’t be too sure about cv’s though.
Tyre size differs with spec level such as gl or glx. You could go to 265/75 × 16. Again a 32" tyre but slightly wider than the 235/85 Tyre. Plenty of choice for 265/75 Tyre. 33" tyre fit ml, mn tritons with some tweaks. Not sure about your model. I have 33" tyres on a ml Triton, but would probably have a second set of stock ht tyres if it was my daily drive.

I don't believe bigger tyres will stress your drive train. They are fairly robust.
I have a 2005 glx-r 2.8L T-Diesel Triton and have been running 265/75 R 16 cooper st- maxx's for around 5 yrs now, with a 2" lift without an issue and am more than happy with that size, I have no issues with rubbing on guard or inner guards and no drop or noticeable drop in power for the small increase in tyre size, remembering it's not the most powerful beast on the market but has served me well over the years.
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