What size and brand of fridge


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Keep an eye on Anaconda also. This special runs more rarely than the times Anthony Mundine says something sensible but I bought by CF80 back in late 2011 for $1100 with cover. Have only seen it at that price once or twice since.


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Got a CF80 WAECO. First model too way back when Moses parted the waters. Never missed a beat. Serves me well. I do mainly solo trips so it was overkill but after Fraser Island.. I am glad it was there. A 60 would not have been able to hold all my food and drinks. Love it to death.


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as BIG as I need (if I need it all) and about all I wanted to spend ;)
In fact I would still prefer my old one; about 18lt I think (??)
should have added this is the size for in between the truck seats
Froze a tub of water and leftover chicken stock last night so all looks a winner