What should be the 1st 5 mods should I get?


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I am wounding what should be the 1st 5 mobs should on my 4wd. What mobs do you think I or anyone should put on there 4wd with the mobs?
I don't have a 4wd yet (and there are reasons why I don't) but I wounding what the 1st 5 mods you put on your 4wd. My would probably be:

1st: 2ish lifts kit.
2nd: Bullbar kits: Good Bullbar, 8,000 pound Winch, Recovery Points.
3nd: 6 Good enough Tires (AT or MT).
4th: Rear tires carry to carry the two spears tires
5th: Big enough fuel tanks (that can fit of course).
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Depends on the vehicle I guess, and also what you want to do with it, but I’ll list the five mods I’ve found to be the most valuable to me.

Under vehicle protection. Its current state tells it all.

Rated recovery points. A must in my opinion.

Decent tyres. Very helpful indeed.

Upgraded suspension. What you’ll want will depend entirely on what you want to do with it. Who knows, standard might be all you need.

Dual batteries. Worry free extended stays with the fridge running.

I have a few other items that I wouldn’t go without, but they’re purely based on what I use my vehicle for and wouldn’t be for everyone (link in signature to my build thread).


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Safety is the first priority , if the vehicle rock & rolls a suspension change , tyres . Mickey Thompson of course :cool:
Leaf sprung suspension in standard form is scary on older vehicles , modern ones should be ok .


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1 UHF- comms when in a group is vital , start with hand held

2 Rated recovery points- safe recovery points ...

3 Any bar work and bash plates you want/need- this adds weight and lots of it so will be the deciding factor on what suspension you get, you dont have to have it, you can get winch cradles if you just want a winch. Bar work does offer good protection when out in the bush on hard tracks and a front bar is a good help when skippy jumps out

4 Suspension- now most of the weight is on the car you can get the correct load carrying springs, dont forget extra battery, draws, fridge all add a bit more

5 Tires - IF you want bigger tires for harder 4wding you need lift first, if you are just touring and not rock crawling or driving rutted tracks you don't need bigger tires so stay standard size and move tires to no.3 . When thinking bigger that is not just wider, think taller because that is where you get the longer foot print from when deflated.


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This really comes down to how you plan to use it your 4wd. If it's just beach work or the odd national park trip you really don't need much at all. However if you want get into the Wheelin' world;

1. Decent Tyres + Air Compressor, this is probably the single biggest factor between getting somewhere and not. I like narrow over wide tyres and you need a way to deflate and inflate them for different conditions.

2. Suspension Lift, it's about comfort as much as it is extra clearance and if you are buying new get the GVM upgrade you need it as modifications add weight.

3. Winch + Bullbar + Recovery Points, these go together imo. Winches can be had cheaply these days and are much easier on your vehicle than snatching, the bullbar is a great way to mount other items and gives you much better angles. Recovery points are just a must have item.

4. UHF Radio, even just a good 5w handheld will work well. You need to be able to communicate.

5. Under vehicle protection, these will save you some very big bills when you make a mistake and you will.

After that the honourable mention is rock sliders. It should probably be mentioned I would also highly recommend you look after the mechanicals, fresh fluids often, oil catch can for your CRDs, and additional pre fuel filter.


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First mod I did was a dual battery system mainly for backup starting power as I was doing a lot of solo travelling & didn`t want to get caught somewhere with a flat battery.
Second was a Fire Extinguisher(or two).
Third was a good First Aid kit.
Forth was spares, Fan Belt, Rad hoses, Oils & fluids, fuses, MAF etc.
Fifth was comms, HF, VHF & UHF.
After that it was a lift, lights, recovery gear, Nav & all the other goodies.


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The first 5 mods should be 5 better tyres, a little bit bigger than stock. You have to be a real weekend warrior if you actually need anything more than that. It's amazing what you can do and where you can go with hardly anything. I did a Simpson Desert adventure in a standard car.


I reckon one of the best mods you can get that is going to help is a Snorkel.
A Snorkel, when fitted to your four wheel drive, moves the engine air intake from under your bonnet, to roof height. This has many advantages. The two main advantages are:

  1. Less chance of water entering the engine when crossing rivers
  2. Access to cleaner and cooler air


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Join a club or get out with some mates then work out your needs before you spend a cent. Plenty have spent up big then worked out I probably didn't need that.


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For me the list goes like this:
1. Uhf (handheld or in car) 5w, A must if you get into some serious trouble.
2. Tyres, little larger than stock
3. Underbody protection, protact those vital parts
4. A good mapping system, need to know were to go
5. Recovery tracks, get you out of most predicaments
And last but not least, A sense of adventure!

This is what i would have for basic "get out there and have fun" stuff. Lifts, bar work, winches and all that jazz can come later if you have the money and want to do harder tracks. Most people are surprised at how capable there stock vehicles are.


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Good LT tyres, UHF, recovery points and do a course

rest can come after you start wheeling and work out how you will use your vehicle.

When i first started out, i had visions of rock hopping and gnarly tracks. Turns out my family is not into that stuff but we love touring to hard to get to areas. Means my rock sliders are a (heavy) waste and my dual battery system had to be completely redone for more power than i initially thought. Don't need underbody protection but drawers are a must...


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Is it a play car or a touring car? The lists will be different depending on what you plan to do with it.
If you are building a park toy it is all about clearance, flex, and traction.
Touring is about having just enough clearance, cold beer and an ability to carry too much crap.