What project car?


Hi guys

I'm looking to do a project forby something that will sit in the shed for 2-3 years while I do it up myself.

I'm just struggling with what forby I should pick the idea would be to put an LS1 into it or equivalent and other bits and pieces.

I have been tossing up between an 80 series and a 4 runner (surf) but I'm open to anything really.



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U got me at LS. ha
Nothing like a V8.
Me I'd love to do a old FJ. Buttt getting something decent at fair price is getting rare..
Something worth while I'd be looking at buying a petrol 105 cruiser and translate a 1HD FTE into. Chip, bigger intercooler exhaust an I guarantee it blows aways 70 series, and GU's
You will not regret it. Only regret i got was when I sold mine.
If i had the time thats what I'd do again...


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if i could do a project car id try and do a 40 series LC. id love to buy a rusty old one out of a paddock and fix it all up


Depends on your budget. An 80 with a nice LS would be relatively economical to build (probably not to drive!)


Thanks for the replies guys. :) Economic to build is what im looking for.

To drive I'm not 2 fussed due to having another forby and an everyday car.

This is purely just for fun and to do most of it myself and try and learn some new stuff :)


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if you want something harder to fix up/ something that will take time, jump on caresales and search for the cheapest LC or what every you are thinking of doing and see what comes up, i love trawling though it seeing all those old 4bys


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80s Pajero short wheel base. Very cheap to buy, very cheap for parts and an awesome base for a project. Personally I'd do a solid axle swap on the front and chuck in even a small Toyota 1uz 4.0ltr v8 or ls1 if you want and it'll be an absolute beast. It won't cost you an arm and a leg and it'll surprise people out bush.