What price would a second hand diesel engine for a 75 series land cruiser ute be?


I'm looking at buying a 75 series ute, I was advised against buying though because it had 498 thousand on it.
I was just wondering if buying the ute and putting a second hand engine in it would be a viable option?

The owner said that due to the fact that it doesn't blow any smoke and starts first time every time, he thinks it could have a reco engine in it, but I don't really want to buy it on a maybe.

The ute has a neat looking custom tray, and was made in 1995.
He's asking 7, but said he'd do $6500, thats With 6 months rego, and no road worthy.

Am I crazy for even considering it?

I was told it'd cost too much to run, and if anything breaks it'll be too much to fix. Although the owner claims it gets 500 kms to a tank.

Thanks for any and all help or replies


get a compression and leak down test done. that will tell you if the rings/liners are in good condition too
So if I can get him to do those tests, and it comes back ok, I should get it?
Have you got any idea what I'd be looking at to get a second hand motor from someone wrecking one?

I've asked if he could get the tests done, and get it looked over for a road worthy to see what it needs, and he said if he does those things, he won't budge from 7 grand.

Does anyone suggest still getting it?


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Having those tests done and knowing exactly what you would be up for a RWC, could be worth the extra. Personally, I would want to know.