WHAT OIL ? for a 80 series diesel ??


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Hi All, might seem like a stupid question, but im thinking im going to get a wide range of answers... what i want to know is what is the best oil for a 80 series diesel ? average klm engine has had a pretty easy life... si lets see what we come up with because we all know OILs AINT OILs SUNNY lol


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I have always been a great fan of penrite oils, I have always used them in the motor, but have been using red line syntheric in the diffs and transfer case, but will be going back to penrite as i cant see the value in the extra cost with how often i change fluids


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I agree. Penrite oil is a good place to start. Good quality oil at a very competetive price.


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oils arent cheap

been a nulon convert since the early 80s withsome great results up in the Darwin:cool: area with a good selection of vehicles in all conditions