What music do you listen to?


Pretty much all of the, with some exceptions.
Others to note, Beatles, then their solo work. Currently heavily listening to George Harrison. Deep Purple, Stones, and their solo stuff. Elton John, just finished his autobiography. Doors, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Jeff Beck, Early Fleetwood, Ronnie Wood/Rod Stewart, could be here all day…
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Been going to do it for ages. Cleaned out under the stairs, out came the turntable. Bought a new belt. Took it apart, fixed up this, adjusted that, a bit of oil there. Looked like it's a goer, hooked up a preamp I built and plugged it into the computer. Things sort of stopped there. I've done this before I said. Enough of Windows 10, back to the wife's Windows 7. Full steam ahead. A bit of editing, a few filters here and there. Voila. Onto the Ipod it goes. What was worth all the trouble.
The Andrew Durant Memorial Concert.
A great tribute to a young guy that went far far to early. What got him. Melanoma cancer.

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VALE - Judith Durham RIP

For those not in-the-know, how big were The Seekers? Here’s a snapshot:

‘Too pop to be considered strictly folk and too folk to be rock.’

‘[1965] They appeared at the annual celebratory Wembley Empire Pool concert, on a bill which included the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Cliff Richard, Dusty Springfield and the Animals.’

How’s that for a line-up of acts?!

In July [1968], the compilation album The Seekers' Greatest Hits was released and spent 17 weeks at No. 1 in Australia. It was released as The Best of The Seekers in the UK and spent 6 weeks at No. 1 in 1969, managing to knock The Beatles (White Album) off the top of the charts and preventing The Rolling Stones' Beggars Banquet from reaching the top spot. The album spent 125 weeks in the charts in the UK.

They downed The Beatles and The Stones in the UK!


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Not meaning to be morbid, but another Aussie icon died today - sheez!

VALE - Olivia Newton John RIP

Whether you like the 'Good Girl' or the 'Bad Girl', she was stunning either way.

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Music for a Sunday morning. Dirt music by definition is acoustic. This album I have been listening to since it was released. It reminds me now of a friend since passed away who put me onto it. If any of you ever have the misfortune of having a spinal injury, he has wards and rooms named after him in the PA, Sunnybank and Logan hospitals. A great human fondly remembered.