What music do you listen to?


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A couple of albums released this year that I'm enjoying.
Elvis Costello..... The Boy Named If.
Calexico.......IL Marador.

Nice campfire tunes.


I went to a party last week where a band called “Marshall and the fro” played. They were bloody brilliant and worth a listen. They are on spotify.


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Got on the suds early on account of the never ending rain. The cure I suppose is a bit polarising, but for me, this album (standing on a beach) has featured all through my life. Love it - hope the neighbours do haha.

Ol' Harley

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In honour of the recent passing of the man...something from Vangelis.

Taken from the soundtrack to the 1981 movie Chariots of Fire.



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Went and saw the Two Amigos, Brian Cadd and Glen Shorrock, last night. Think I was the youngest audience member haha. The old fellas (75 & 77) pumped out some memorable tunes. Cadd is still writing and recording, a legend.


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Saw Cadd at a pub, weekly night was called The 129 Club (I think, long time ago), it cost $1.29 to get in with a free wine. This was before he went off to America. He was introduced, everyone cheering and clapping, he came out with a fast stagger, tripped up on the stairs, cheering turned to laughter, the performance started. He was pissed as a fart as the saying goes. Was still a good night. Glenn Sherlock and The Little River Band, no other words need to be said about them other than Fabulous.


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When it's getting dark and you are somewhat lost and can't find your planned campsite then you play this song :D