What music do you listen to?


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And, of course, I do enjoy the Beatles. I like how their music changed from the first recordings to the last.
i have a lot of the CDs which I put in the stacker for big trips.
Here's a later song with the Leo treatment.


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And I love AC/DC.
Who doesn't?
I could link to the Oom-Pa band cover (which I like) or I could link to the bag pipe or two cello covers which are also great but I thing we'll stick with Leo.


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Today's band, from the past. Don't think they got the full recognition that they deserve. They have been around for 52 years this year. Some great songs by them.

Uriah Heep.

Should say not all the original members. A few gone to the great gig in the sky or the one down below.

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Still have load of single and Lp from the 60’s from my in law


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