What music do you listen to?


Great oil's song.
Should have stuck to singing.
Totally agree mate.
In saying that, i saw them last october in Adelaide as part of their great circle tour. While he wasnt as energetic on stage they certainly hadn't lost their ability to rock the crowd, played some of their old school classics from head injuries, pwp, 10-1 and bird noises, plus some of their later stuff. It was a bloody awesome show.


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A great song....


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I stumbled across brass against on youtube a little while back. Mainly a brass band doing covers of Rage against the machine, but have stepping into a few covers from Tool and Audioslave and I think some of them have been quite impressive:


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Reminded me of this amazing tool cover by a bunch of kids at a music school.
I haven't seen that one before - very impressive considering how young they are all. And that kids on the drums killed it!!!!! (mind you it doesnt take much for a drummer to impress me as I can never figure out how they co-ordinate all 4 limbs like that)