What music do you listen to?


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This guy is pretty good at his craft. There are heaps of vids on youtoob but I think this one from 2008 when he was just "basic" sums him up.
I downloaded his Live @ the Zamia Theartre album a few of years ago and the tracks still get a spin from time to time.
Anyone in the SE Qld area who may want to see him live he has some dates for Redcliffe, Eumundie and Caloundra in September. I'm gunna try and get down to Redcliffe.


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Wow. This is like a list of all my favourite music and artists.

Juzzi Smith, loved watching him at the Eumundi Markets.
Ted Hawkins - years ago he was in Australia and he played at The Office in Adelaide. I didn't go to see him and within a year or so he passed away. His life was an interesting story.
Christy Dignam, in the video with Finbar Fury (was born in the same hospital as I was in Dublin). He didn't die from his days of drug abuse when he was the singer with his band Aslan but unfortunately he now has a rare and incurable form of cancer.
Harry Nilsson - I still have the LP of his "Nilsson Schmilsson"