What music do you listen to?


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I like to poke around on the net for classic songs and clips particularly live versions or covers and acoustic versions

I listen to pretty much anything except classical and country music .

Here is a song a lot would have head before but worth seeing the live clip of Carlos Santana doing Black Magic Woman with a belly dancer

Even if you don't like the song I am sure you will appreciate the dancer, very cool.

So what is everyone else listening to ? Special request to the mods to ban anyone who says Taylor Swift :mad:


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Hey Albynsw , Are you sure that is a belly dancer? I thought she was a B (oobs) and B (um) dancer.


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Those that have been on trips with me will know I like my electronica, and I'm really getting into Gramatik at the moment. I have a low tolerance for pop, country, gangsta rap and some genres of metal. Other than that it's all good, just be a little unique and play something I haven't heard.



I listen to a variety of 80s and odd tracks that grab me over the decades. Big David Bowie fan (new and old material), Alice Cooper, Falco - not too keen on much of the newer stuff but partial to some of Katy Perry's latest stuff - don't judge me. :D


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a bit of everything from old school hip hop and rap, 80s and 90s metal, to current metal, alternate country and americana, but not a fan of pop or dance.

Paddler Ed

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The Levellers
3Colours Red
The Pogues
Peatbog Faeries
Steve Earle
The Divine Comedy
Daft Punk
DJ Yoda
(Old) Green Day
LCD Soundsystem
Massive Attack

And whatever is on the radio (normally TripleJ or BBC Radio 6 from the UK) - if it's something I like I'll turn it up loud and do an extra loop around somewhere so that I can hear the whole song!


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What about Leo Kottke, Willie nelson, Steeldrivers, Santana, Pink Floyd, dire straights, . . . I think I have about 20 gigs of music on my pc. If I started playing at A ( yes, abba dont laugh!) it would play non stop for about 8 or 10 months without repeating a song


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I like most music, can't handle doof doof music , Celine Dion , those 2 Irish blokes (I'm on my way aha aha aha), Barry Manilow , Bucks Fizz , Justin beber . I'll listen to any decent artist .


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dont like his music but he seems like any other teenager with $300 million in the bank .......I would have run amok too.