What mods should i do to make my 4wd more capable?

Hey guys i'm new to this page just wondering if anyone has any ideas on what i should spend my money on next to make my hilux more tougher to go more places this is an old picture when i first got it..
i am in the process off putting bigger wheels on it.. this is my first 4wd i have recently put all new Raw suspension in it with new leafs


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I wouldn't jump the gun and spend heaps on stuff you may never use you first need take your time to learn how to drive a 4wd and learn what it is capable of and most importantly what your caable of doing. You may find for the places you go at the moment it's more than adequate. You've done suspension, tyres it has a snorkel go out an enjoy it if you start fitting diff locks you'll probably break something and get stuck in the bush as they put stress on the drive line as your big muddies have already added stress to the driveline. Trust me a stock 4wd can go further with an experienced driver behind the wheel than a modified one with all the gear on it and it takes yrs to learn either way.

Save your money for the repairs you'll need to fix things that break or wear out from age I've been doing it for 31yrs.
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Also learning about 12v power consumption is very handy I would check how many amps your lights are drawing when on parking lights included and check the size of your alternator it may not be big enough if you have them all on. Avoid using spotties or high beam when winching or when running an air compressor.


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A couple of jerry cans, tyre gauge, 12V compressor, fridge, swag and learn how to drive what you have.
I've been off roading for 30 years, only got a 4x4 25 years ago and only got a diff lock 4 years ago because the car came with one (and I chose it because it had one). You will be surprised where it will go and if you can't, then 99.9% of the time there is a chicken track.

If you want something that will go anywhere, buy a 4WD tractor.
If you want to learn how to 4WD, don't get every traction aid under the sun as you'll just flick a few switches and drive in until you either get through get really stuck or break something.

Anyway, legend doesn't tell of the time you drove that bog with no problems, it the time it didn't look that bad and the you and some mates spent 4 hours with a shovel and a snatch strap trying to get out.
Save your money for fuel and beers.


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If your new to 4wding and or the car, learn how to drive it before you do anything, in 15 years of 4wding I have met very few who can actually drive a 4wd to its limits of capability , 99% of people drive to their limit not the cars and think its the car holding them back so why spend on the car if all you need to get further is hone your skill.


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Welcome to the forum mate, that’s a nice lux you got there. Yep get your self tyre deflater and an air compressor not a cheap one but get a good quality one. Fire extinguisher. Recovery gear. And some diesel and mates and get out there and enjoy your rig.


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I ztarted with simple cheap things like diff breathers, good tires, upgraded lighting, relocated the coils out of the way of water spraying off the fan, and later all electric cooling fans, so I save engine power, and can turn off the fans when crossing deep water. All these things are relatively cheap and improve what you have, and are a little insurance if s**t happens. Buy yourself some basic recovery gear so if you get stuck you can get yourself out, or someone will morethan likekely help you , if you have your own gear.
Take at look at my car just an old pathfinder... a 2 inch lift, a winch bar with winch, and 245/75/16 muddies.....
Have i thought about lockers... yes... will i get them, maybe... ... I have done lots of tracks even some hard tracks ... I'm more then happy with what it can do ... As the guys have been saying, its not always about how well the car is set up with lockers and stuff... It's about how you dive it... Anyone here or even out on the tracks will tell you ...a good spotter... will get most 4wd's though some sections of tracks ....that you would have never thought possible with a stock 4wd.
Just remember that ...the more you do/put on a car.. the more capable you think it is... And thats the mistake some 4x4er's do....
When i started 3 years ago... a mate told me keep it simple and time will fix your mistakes. ... ... Just wished he remembered to tell me how long i still have to go when i stop making them.... lol