What is your favourite 4x4 Show?

What is your Favourite 4x4 Show

  • Pat Callinan's 4x4 Adventures

    Votes: 37 33.9%
  • Top of Down Under

    Votes: 4 3.7%
  • 4WDTV

    Votes: 18 16.5%
  • All 4 Adventure

    Votes: 57 52.3%
  • Your 4x4

    Votes: 10 9.2%

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why doesnt anyone make a show that is actually real all these blokes have a ball with all the goodies supplied free and when they are bogged they have no dramas getting out, with all support and film crews around,,, actually I watch the you tube 4x4 blokes and there are real good ones,, Ronny Dahl is very good and informative for us novices and weekend warriors, Pat callinan is okay but I reckon the original was the best the leyland brothers, when growing up and learning about the bush


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I like 4wd action, dont know of many others. I do think the youtube channel 'i got bogged at inskip' is funny as hell though. Ronny dahl on you tube is great too.


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yeah i like ronny dahl. he is one of my favourites on youtube. i always chuckle when he does his entry to the shot (he does it most times) im not sure if its just me but i reckon its funny

and the 4WD action guys are good too and nice long vidoes usually which is cool

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Expedition Overland.

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I have not been through all of this thread, but has anyone seen 4WD Adventure Club? It's on Aurora usually late at night. Some of the tracks are interesting but it gets a bit tedious watching six vehicles in a row do through the same puddle 30 seconds apart. I tape it and watch it a X6 speed. Makes an entertaining five minutes.

I did the filming (not editing) of 4 episodes this year for 4x4 Adventure Club. Cobaw and Tallarook.

Tallarook especially would've been good viewing (haven't seen it as I don't have foxtel), we only did 2 tracks for the whole day of filming. Some very challenging terrain, especially the track that features in the second Tallarook episode (doesn't have a name, runs parallel to the eastern Bank of the reservoir then turns left, straight up a very steep climb towards Warragul Rocks). It will get put on youtube eventually.


I generally swap between 4wd Action, Ronny and Andrew St Pierre White.

4wd Action is a bit of fun, but I feel like anyone driving their rigs like that will need a lot of money behind them to keep up with the repairs.

I like Ronny's rig run downs, seeing all the stuff people do with their 4wds.

Andrew is closer to the sort of thing i'd like to do with a 4wd. He's comes across a bit preachy sometimes, but that's okay. I'm more interested in his 105 build than his chopped 200 or whatever it is he's working on now. I'd quite like a 105, and as much as he's being given most of the gear, he's been open about how much the gear costs, which is unusual.

So I don't have a favourite, depends on my mood.
I'll even sometimes watch the TFL crew from the states. Even if they are a little in love with Jeeps!


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i watched the life off road show the other day - i couldnt get it -they had some empty speced up $100,000+ landcruiser comparing with a suzuki which did as well as the cruiser - i think the hosts name was chris - i seen him somewhere in one of those ivecos-- painful -only saw a few minutes but it wasnt raining so i had things to do -- like always - lots of ads