What is the perfect touring tent without roof transporting?


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...... Maybe once you've had a good sip of your 1st beer though. :)
Id wait till at least the second or even the 3rd myself to get a little more entertainment :cool:

As for multiples I am already there, 2 swags-single & double dome, awning tent & one of those Coleman poly 4 man deluxe things.

The Coleman is good in warmer climates but find the canvas awning tent to be great in cold & wet weather as you can tell by my avitar.

In saying that I had the Coleman on one trip away with a couple of mates that just had swags & not even a tarp set up & it absolutely bucketed down for 2 days, the other guys loved sitting in the annex part of the tent & the inside of the tent was dry as so cant complain about that.

The down side to the awning tent is its a bit tricky to get off the car & set up the secondary poles & guy ropes & its to small for 2 people for that long plus another bad design element is that its flat on top so collects snow & rain.
I think you'll find it hard to beat a centrepole tent like you already have. Most of the tents I would normally suggest to people have been ruled out for one reason or another (all fair enough if they're not what you're after).

Have you considered a classic American-style bow tent? They take longer to set up than an oztent, but they're certainly easier than a dome tent. They're almost like a wider version of a centrepole if it was using a sidepole kit.

Kodiak have a good rep (I used one in the US a long time ago and was pretty impressed by it). I think Anaconda do a copy nowadays under their home brand Dune, though who knows what the quality is like.


Another option (I have no experience with them) is an EPE Speedy Earth - they're heavy though (30 KG) but probably give you more usable space than the Southern Cross. I have one of their instant-up tents which is great, but that's it.

Good luck on the search.


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The Safari style tent is terrific but they are still reasonably bulky and at over 20kg not light
I would be looking at some of the 2 bow nylon tents that pack right down to sleeping bag size and only weigh a couple of kilos
The Mallamoos are great too but probably won’t go in the 200
I have an Oztrail Tourer 9 and still use it now and again, even with the camper. Just for the two of us.
Because of the longer back you can fit a double mattress and still use the quicker single pole, not the side poles.
Great heavy duty weatherproof tent, fast to deploy and pack but like all these, a little bulky.


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I think the Oztrail is as good as it gets for a small quick tent. I'll keep thinking till I am forced to do something. Thanks so far all.

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I think the Oztrail is as good as it gets for a small quick tent. I'll keep thinking till I am forced to do something. Thanks so far all.
Yeah they have the regular tourer and the extended back type that gives a bit extra room (and at decent height).
I reckon the side pole kit would be worthwhile in either model, gives basically all the floor clear use.