What is the perfect touring tent without roof transporting?


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...... Maybe once you've had a good sip of your 1st beer though. :)
Id wait till at least the second or even the 3rd myself to get a little more entertainment :cool:

As for multiples I am already there, 2 swags-single & double dome, awning tent & one of those Coleman poly 4 man deluxe things.

The Coleman is good in warmer climates but find the canvas awning tent to be great in cold & wet weather as you can tell by my avitar.

In saying that I had the Coleman on one trip away with a couple of mates that just had swags & not even a tarp set up & it absolutely bucketed down for 2 days, the other guys loved sitting in the annex part of the tent & the inside of the tent was dry as so cant complain about that.

The down side to the awning tent is its a bit tricky to get off the car & set up the secondary poles & guy ropes & its to small for 2 people for that long plus another bad design element is that its flat on top so collects snow & rain.
I think you'll find it hard to beat a centrepole tent like you already have. Most of the tents I would normally suggest to people have been ruled out for one reason or another (all fair enough if they're not what you're after).

Have you considered a classic American-style bow tent? They take longer to set up than an oztent, but they're certainly easier than a dome tent. They're almost like a wider version of a centrepole if it was using a sidepole kit.

Kodiak have a good rep (I used one in the US a long time ago and was pretty impressed by it). I think Anaconda do a copy nowadays under their home brand Dune, though who knows what the quality is like.


Another option (I have no experience with them) is an EPE Speedy Earth - they're heavy though (30 KG) but probably give you more usable space than the Southern Cross. I have one of their instant-up tents which is great, but that's it.

Good luck on the search.


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The Safari style tent is terrific but they are still reasonably bulky and at over 20kg not light
I would be looking at some of the 2 bow nylon tents that pack right down to sleeping bag size and only weigh a couple of kilos
The Mallamoos are great too but probably won’t go in the 200
I have an Oztrail Tourer 9 and still use it now and again, even with the camper. Just for the two of us.
Because of the longer back you can fit a double mattress and still use the quicker single pole, not the side poles.
Great heavy duty weatherproof tent, fast to deploy and pack but like all these, a little bulky.


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I think the Oztrail is as good as it gets for a small quick tent. I'll keep thinking till I am forced to do something. Thanks so far all.

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I think the Oztrail is as good as it gets for a small quick tent. I'll keep thinking till I am forced to do something. Thanks so far all.
Yeah they have the regular tourer and the extended back type that gives a bit extra room (and at decent height).
I reckon the side pole kit would be worthwhile in either model, gives basically all the floor clear use.
I have a Southern Cross Bushmaster (heavyweight floor and canvas - 10'x10" - about 20kgs) which is bloody awkward to get up on the roof rack and when I had a wagon I found it to be an absolute pain if put in the back. These things pack up into a flatish "square" and therefore difficult for one bloke to handle.

Ian Dix of Southern Cross helped me out though. He suggested dismantling the square roof frame and then rolling up the tent as I would a swag. A couple of minutes to do but what a difference. Virtually the same size as a swag, in fact I put it into a swag bag. and, lifting it up onto the roof rack of the Cruiser is easy.

The extra time removing and replacing the square frame is worth it. This only takes a couple of minutes and is probably faster than erecting a dome tent and fly (especially in the wind).

Ian Dix's recommendation really did save me because as I got older (read "weaker") I thought the tent more or less had to go but not now.

Best of luck with your search. Glad to see you are not rushing in and buying on impulse. A tent can make or break a great trip.


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Thanks Poppa.

I did consider that. The problem is that my Southern cross is more like 28Kg than the 18kg that SC claims it is. Great tent for a few days in the high country but too heavy and bulky for day to day touring IMHO. I have the 9 x 11. Ok when I was younger.