What GPS equipment does everyone use?

Hi there,

I use a Magellan Crossover GPS with discoverAus Topo v2.27, DiscoverAus Outback Tourer Crossover V2.31.

I like this unit as you can use it as a street diretcory unit or just put your gps co-ordinates in and away you go.
handheld gps map 60

has anyone tryed to run a garmin gps map 60 to computer live feed and can it be done. this is a great site and will be visiting regular. with a few track logs of gunbower forest tracks near torrumabarry wier. very interesting tracks some challanging :eek: if you know where they are:cool: .
This is my line up

  • A chinese WinCE 5.0 PND 4.3" running Ozi CE and some street nav stuff, plus

  • a Garmin GPSMap 76 (grayscale screen is very hard to see and very limited map storage) to bring the readily car mounted

  • 9" eeePC alive

running OziExplorer or Garmins

.... in the 80 series.

For Garmin, Shonky Logic's mapsc and Dooghans 5m contours are the' right price'. :)

Mio 3.3's still my favourite street navigator.
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LG 7" widescreen Android tablet running OzTopo with cached offroad maps and iGo for street nav, also cached offline maps.