What GPS equipment does everyone use?

Aus Patriot

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Hi there,

I use a Magellan Crossover GPS with discoverAus Topo v2.27, DiscoverAus Outback Tourer Crossover V2.31.

I like this unit as you can use it as a street diretcory unit or just put your gps co-ordinates in and away you go.


handheld gps map 60

has anyone tryed to run a garmin gps map 60 to computer live feed and can it be done. this is a great site and will be visiting regular. with a few track logs of gunbower forest tracks near torrumabarry wier. very interesting tracks some challanging :eek: if you know where they are:cool: .


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hi guys.
im running a MioA720 PDA with tomtom and Oziexplorer. works great for me. cheap and also able to update maps.

Wahroonga Farm

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This is my line up

  • A chinese WinCE 5.0 PND 4.3" running Ozi CE and some street nav stuff, plus

  • a Garmin GPSMap 76 (grayscale screen is very hard to see and very limited map storage) to bring the readily car mounted

  • 9" eeePC alive

running OziExplorer or Garmins

.... in the 80 series.

For Garmin, Shonky Logic's mapsc and Dooghans 5m contours are the' right price'. :)

Mio 3.3's still my favourite street navigator.
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LG 7" widescreen Android tablet running OzTopo with cached offroad maps and iGo for street nav, also cached offline maps.


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Polaris in dash multimedia unit.
Not too pricey, everything works !
Android system running Tom Tom as street directory, and I have added Ozi Explorer, and my old maps, and also Waze, and a few other Apps.

I still have to send back the Reversing Camera back to them, as I have to wait about 45 seconds for the unit to fully power up before reversing, otherwise the Image is in reverse......that is one thing I cannot figure out, and it is very very annoying
Everything else is spot on
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I mainly use MotionX HD on my ipad mini. I load my pre-made KML/GPX files in from dropbox where i've pre-planned a trip / tracks / waypoints at home on the big PC / laptop.
It caches a couple of different topographical maps, but alsoa couple of different satellite imagery providers (the trick is to cache it all up before a trip and then put it offline).

But i also use google maps, google earth ... and apps for Solar charging ... and also my OBD Fusion app which gives lots of metrics about the engine.

Basically any iOS app can run on it.




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2008 to 2019 in a single bound.

A big difference in what you could do from then till now!

If you want satellite footage of an area you can now pretty much get it, is it a free thing well great if you can

I guess the biggest thing atm is offline maps in a mobile platform.