What GPS equipment does everyone use?


Hi all,

Just wondering what everyone is using for GPS equipment? Do you have travel with a laptop and do you have 3G access when out and about. Does any have one of the new 3G phones with inbuilt GPS?

I am currently using hockeypuck GPS with a Lenovo laptop with Oziexplorer. When I need internet access and there is coverage I have a Samsung phone.

I am hoping to upgrade my phone to something running Windows Mobile 6 soon, possibly a Tytn II. They seem pretty popular.



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I got an old monochrome LCD Magellan unit, a GPS not Navigator. Its years old, but works fine and I haven't got lost yet!. I think it may have had a data connection one day to hook up to computer, but I don't have that bit.



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I've got a HP iPaq HX4700 + 2gb SD card with OziExplorerCE and TomTom Navigator 6 coupled with a Holoux M-1000B Bluetooth GPS and a Nokia 6233 for internet. Works flawlessly :D

For backup, I've got a Toshiba Portege 3500 (with OziExplorer) and a Garmin ETrex.

pic of the iPaq

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Hey Cypher,

How do you go for reception out bush? Which network are you with. I have often thought it would be good to have internet on my laptop when out bush, especially for weather, but didn't think the signal would be very good.




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I run a Magellan explorist XL and find that quite good, also use an old Garmin extreme hooked up to a laptop which runs OZI EXPLORER, nothing beats a good map though.

Regards Ian


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Hey Cypher,

How do you go for reception out bush? Which network are you with. I have often thought it would be good to have internet on my laptop when out bush, especially for weather, but didn't think the signal would be very good.



I've never really had to use my phone out bush but on the odd occasion I've had a call or something its usually alright unless I'm fairly remote. I've got a 3g phone so if I'm in a 3g area I get decent net speed but anywhere I get normal reception I'll have net access...


I've use a Binotone still have to try and get track maps for it not much good for offroad at the moment also got magellen explorist 200 hand held I use for tracks cause it has a backtrack feature.


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In car PC connected to 8 inch lcd screen mounted in dash - external GPS running Ozi - all works good


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Laptop with ozi explorer with a garmin gps60, works a treat with an external antenna in the bush


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Ive got a Mio c310 pda gps with ozi software just about to install tom tom street maps.also have a 2gb sd card with most of the rooftop maps on it. Does the job nicely although a bigger screen wouldnt go astray. As the yank say BIGGER IS BETTER

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I use a HP iPAQ rx5765 Travel Companion PDA.
It has TomTom 6 Navigator which I use for the highway stuff to get me to where I really want to be.
This can run simultaniously with OziExplorer CE and it all works great.
I have multiple SD cards so that so that I can prepare all the maps, waypoints, good routes for a specific area I go to regularly.
As my eyesight has deteriorated with age I have invested in a pair of multifocal glasses with transition lenses so that I can focus on either driving, reading paper maps and notes etc, and especially the PDA screen. They make a huge difference and cost more than the iPAQ.


Long live the NAVMAN.... its ok on main tracks... but thats about it.... LOL!!

Would love to get a car PC or even a laptop with GPS receiver.... maybe next tax cheque....


Don't have a GPS so I just make sure both fuel tanks and the fridge are topped up before I go out and get lost !!!! lol


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I've got a bluetooth mouse thingy which attaches to the pda, nokia 6120c, or lappy.
Lappy runs oziexplorer. Pda runs oziexplorer and tomtom. 6120c runs tomtom and vlkgps. I'm rapped with tomtom, I dont really need it for directions but its great for those hidden school zones.

I cant use the 6120c outside of 3g range because I am with Three (nasty data roaming charges), but this doesnt really effect the gps side of things.

Main aim now is to get a dedicated tomtom unit for the rav, and preferably a gps as well. I'd lurve a gps handheld to take with me on my bike (xr600). Probably just the nokia and bluetooth thingy would be fine for that though if I used vlkgps.

Slightly of topic, but I've used netstumbler on the pda and lappy in the car to log positions of wifi points.
I wouldnt mind getting a small lappy to permanantly mount in the rav and use it for gps/wifi stuff.
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Im currently using an ASUS PDA with Ozi CE / Co Pilot, also have Tom Tom. As well as that have a Magellan Explorist 500 and do all my mapping on Ozi on the laptop and upload.




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I just picked up an i-mate PDA-N. This thing has wifi and gps built in. As with my previous post, I still use tomtom for the metro stuff and ozi for the regional, as well as noni-gps.

Something you wm5 users might want to know is a little app I found recently for the pda.
It splits the gps port into a few more ports so you can use multiple gps apps off the same gps.

Ok, that didnt sound to clear. I'll try again.

I installed a program called "Port Splitter", Port Splitter v1.0 freeware for Pocket PC windows mobile and wm5 or wm6 ppc, PocketPC free downloads.

Install it, run it. It will ask you for your gps IN port, for example, on the PDA-N its com4. It also asks you for the OUT ports - what ports you want the IN port sent to. My first trial I sent it to port 8 and port 9. I then ran noni-gps off port 8, and ozi off port 9.

Those of you tech minded will know what I mean, though for the not so tech minded, its pretty straight forward but can be a tad confusing.

I assume you could also use this if you have an external gps dongle.

I dont know how useful this could be, but thought I'd mention it.


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Gee, what ever happened to maps and compasses? Or do modern-day 4wders not know how to operate them? I have a basic GPS system in my 4x4, but I still rely mainly on map reading and a compass. Maps are particularly usefull when seeking out suitable tracks as you can get a better handle on the terrain by just looking at things like contour lines, and the fall of creeks and rivers, and . . . However, to each his own I suppose. happy 4wheelin'. Tats