What family tents recomended


A blowup tent just seems weird to me hope there not like airbeds that alway get a leak a 1am

:) Went 9 days without needing any extra air.
And yes - air beds suck - especially for the lighter person, who gets bounced around whenever i move... lol. HAd to give them up years ago.


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Hey guys thanks for all the ideas I'm heading into a couple of camping shops tomorrow to look at everything. I'll give that blow up tent one thing it dam well looks like it's got allot of room. Hopefully there is something that really takes my fancy cause this tent research and hunting thing is dam well draining hahaha


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we use a Blackwolf Twin Dome, and that is good for our 4 (2A &2K). Great quality tent, but will take around 20 mins to set up. very solid in inclement weather though!