What do I say?

Just do it if you can afford it!
We sold our house and spent just over a year looking around Oz.
Finally settled in the lovely rural town of Gloucester NSW
You tend to have a different outlook on life when you start losing family members.


I agree with most others sentiment - Do it while the opportunity is there

Else possibly risk forever thinking "I wish we had"


What a gem your wife is...It is a big decision to be made and makes you realise how tied you are to your every day life but looking at the big picture, what an amazing opportunity for you and your family to experience our beautiful country.
I know I'd already be packing...lm just waiting for Frosty to say the word :0)


Got home this arvo and the wife says..."do you wanna pack up and travel around Australia for a year?" Leave the job, mothball the house, take the young bloke out of school...etc, etc.
Of course I would love too! But the big question is, how do I have the ballz to make the leap?

Hi Chris. I have taken my girls on a lot of travels although my youngest (Alison) has done the most. The time away on the road with my kids has been the best times of my life and I know that they loved it as well. The first hand education that they get is priceless. I remember their school principal saying that they will learn more on the road than they will at school!!!
And you will never get a better chance to bond closely with your children ever again.
If you can afford it..... DO IT. Maybe rent your house out for 12 months.
The memories you will all gain are fantastic, every time we watch any show that shows travel in Australia we go... we've been there!!! and the memories come flooding back, it's a great feeling.

Also, I know that they will have Distance Ed. to deal with but I highly recommend getting them to keep a diary of every day while they are travelling. Doesn't have to be much but when they look back at it they will remember.:D
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Go for it Chris! We did it about ten years ago, sold most things, left a bit in storage, and took off for nearly two years. Financially it wasn't the best move, but it's only money! Physically, mentally etc etc, it was one of the best things we ever did.
Willing to answer any questions you have too mate, just drop me a pm.