What do I say?


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Got home this arvo and the wife says..."do you wanna pack up and travel around Australia for a year?" Leave the job, mothball the house, take the young bloke out of school...etc, etc.
Of course I would love too! But the big question is, how do I have the ballz to make the leap?


I love your wife can i have her please?........... well for 12 mths anyway:D

List what you 100% have to take care of before you go & what bills there are while your away.
Pool guy
Rates & Insurances

Could get a house sitter or friend to move in while away.


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We've signed our kids up to distance education for our trip. Way better than homeschooling as the curriculum is set by the state and they can return to the schooling system a lot easier once you're done with your travels.

Not sure how old your kids are, but distance ed covers Naplan as well.
Sounds like a blast, just take your time getting set up, saving and preparing. The 7 P's
Prior Preperation and Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.

If your car doesn't use too much fuel, you camp mostly in free camps and your mortgage isn't too much compared to what you can rent it for then it shouldn't cost too much.

This page will email you an excel spreadsheet which lets you calculate costs.

How much does it cost to drive around Australia? | Expedition Australia

I did a few trips as a kid with my folks and loved it. Never more than a few months at a time though. Can't wait to do it for 12 months when I have kids. (few years off yet)


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Oh... should have said... do the trip.

To heck with the standard ideas of security. Give your kids intellectual stimulation.


Hey Chris, why not rent the house out for twelve months or so and take your time maybe two years might be more of a good thing.
Life is too short even though it's the longest thing your going to do while your here, could be dead tomorrow so I say take the leap and live for today.
Sounds like the main thing is covered to me, permission to enjoy life from the wife.


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Rent or hit the house sitter sites, arrange a house sitter for your place and then house sit at different locations and time spans on your journeys, a week here , a fortnight there , a month there and fan out from those spots.

Do it........

Don't die with one big regret,"I wished I had done that when we had the chance" :(

PS.......... to your wife "Marry Me" :D:D


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We (my family and I) are exactly two days into our lap, we even sold the house to finance it, with our 9 and 4 year old sons in tow, the 9yo is doing distance ed as per Cloughcaribs reply, just do it :).


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If you have the funds to support yourself then just do it put the house in the hands of a real estate agent and rent it out put your gear in storage then enjoy your break. I would expect if your wife said she wanted to go she really needs a break away from what has become everyday life and it's repetitive routines. We had 3 months off a 9 yrs ago now when we left Perth after living there for 3 yrs and towed a caravan back to Mackay where we had our house rented out. It was great no time limits no pressure just cruise along if we like a town we stayed there for a while. If it were me I would not be trying to figure out why I shouldn't go I'd putting my energy into looking up what interesting places are out there that we can visit and then head off and enjoy your time together discovering Australia good luck.
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If you haven't already, check out the hot lap dvd.
Great video of a families trip around oz with 2 young girls with there 80 series and camper trailer.
Worth a look and came yp with a novel way to make some extra money when funds started to dwindle.

Im waiting for my wife to ask me the same question, , think I have to wait about 2 yrs tho before that happens when my youngest finishes high school.

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If you don't do it you will spend the rest of your life wondering why you past up the opportunity. What if...

Hide from lifes risks and you hide from lifes rewards.

Go for it! Later in life your kids will thank you for it, probably many many times.


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The question i often ask myself in big decisions like this is what will i regret more - doing it or not doing it?

This has guided a few big decisions for me (renovation to house, buying a business, 3rd child!) and so far all have worked out well.


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If you don't do it you will spend the rest of your life wondering why you past up the opportunity. What if...

Hide from lifes risks and you hide from lifes rewards.

Go for it! Later in life your kids will thank you for it, probably many many times.

This ^^^

Embrace the opportunity and make it happen


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Why are you still here, go while you can. Enjoy don't forget to give us a running trip report.


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A personal story.
I had a workmate who asked me " If I give up my job after twenty years,sell my house,take my wife and two school girls , head towards Darwin in the car and Van forever, will I be be doing the right thing?"
I said "My Mum, Dad and the three kids came to Australia back in the forties. No family, no money, new lingo, no jobs, just a desire to give us all a new life and a better future.
If we did that and you have family, the lingo, money? , house, car, van, etc.etc., what the bloody hell are you waiting for.???
He would ring me from time to time to tell me how happy he was to make that decision.
Maybe he should have thanked me for giving him the push.:D
Have a great trip, see you when you get back, if you do come back.:)