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What Did You Do To Your 4X4 This Week? Include photos, if possible!

Discussion in 'General 4x4 Discussion' started by CHUAH1, Jul 31, 2011.

  1. dysolve

    dysolve New Member

    took my 60 for a long drive for th efirst time in around a year( Bathurst and back) found it used 3.5ltrs of oil, a bit of water, the steering is all over the place, the clutch booster is not working and finally one tyre has a slow flat!!

    Today I took off all the bash plates, degressed and hosed it all out. tomorrow is time to check all the rest!
  2. Out on Patrol

    Out on Patrol New Member

    I wish I had a housing like that! I bent the front of the pumkin in on mine climing Mount Walker in june. Has buggered the square drive on the drain plug too... hindsight is a wonderful thing.
  3. Plastered

    Plastered Active Member

    Rear strut for the small barn door and extension bracket

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  4. Rocker

    Rocker New Member

    Cape Trip Prep

    In prep for the Cape Trip (leaving the Camper at home) mods to the tray continue.

    Canopy fitted, spent the week end (bewtween drinking cans and watching the "Great Race") fitting bits and pieces and building some drawers to hold recovery gear and all the other gear you tend to take away.

    Bit to go, but I've made a start.







    See if we can stay off the drink next week end and be a bit more productive :D
  5. Jo59

    Jo59 Banned

    Hey Rocker, looking good for the trip, we are doing it as well, so Jack has just put a rear bar on, will probably go with 2 spares though, some pics

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  6. Rocker

    Rocker New Member

    The Tonkatrol looks great Jo, looking foward to meeting up with you guys - should be an awesome trip.
  7. jack48

    jack48 Active Member

    We went on a run today, Mongrel Lux, Mal's Last trip, check trip report, and there were 5 of us there going on the Cape York Trip, Paul suggested a meeting, but was not the right moment :rolleyes:;);)
  8. Jo59

    Jo59 Banned

    Yeah we are looking forward to it also, the guys that are going are fantastic...let the countdown begin...oops you already have:D:D
  9. blaknav

    blaknav Member

    this weekend spent a coupla hours with the welder and made myself a twin work/reverse light mount for the mav and gave the old girl a polish its all nice and shiney (for about the next 10 min;):D)
  10. redandy3575

    redandy3575 Well-Known Member

    Started looking at Roof top tents today at the Leisurfest, will hopefully have that by next year.
  11. jack doff

    jack doff New Member

    I ripped out the rear diff centre and changed it for a lsd. Its not a locker but should give me some more grip. replaced front and rear wheel bearings and did swivel hubs.
    Now if I can only get the fuel economy down with those 33's . . . .
  12. Rocker

    Rocker New Member

    Hi Jack, yep read your report - fitting tribute to someone who I guess, loved the "Bush". Congrats to you all ! ! ! Unfortunately I'm a little too far away (half way to the Cape) from you lot to attend a pre trip meeting as such, however from what I read from you guys, I'm sure we'll all get along just fine.

    Cant Wait [​IMG]
  13. jack48

    jack48 Active Member

    Took 5 hours to clean the mud off today, luckily we couldn't get out of the rig most of the time so the inside was reasonable ;);) but it set like concrete overnight :eek:

    No damage only to the ego when winch stopped working, and I now have to clean the Tractor as well as it recovered me :D:D Thanks Mal :rolleyes::):)

    All that for a 400 mt run down hill and back up, but was well worth it :D:D:D
  14. Grey Ghost

    Grey Ghost 4x4 Earth Contributer

    Thought I'd bash together a false floor and slide for the dirty stinking huge 80lt Waeco on the weekend
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2011
  15. Rocker

    Rocker New Member

    Nice to see everyone in "Handy Man" mode. great job grey ghost [​IMG]
  16. PSI 80

    PSI 80 New Member

    I finally had the last few engine mods done to the big turbo 4.5 litre 80 series. Started with a 4inch snorkel and modified the air box with a 4 inch inlet and 3.5 inch outlet straight into the turbo. New 3.5 inch mandrell exhaust system off the 3.5 dump pipe, custom surge tank running an 044 Bosch fuel pump and Bosch 725cc injectors. Chip torque did the tuning of the Microtech, and so far it's not quit right(really fuely around idle). Also pulled the 30mm spacers out from ontop of the 5 inch coils and put some 16x10 neg 44 steel wheels on with the existing 315x75 (35 inch) Bighorns. Then it was off to the Transmission centre in Underwood where they fitted a nomad valve body, a trans temp gauge and a lock-up kit. I then finished off with a pillar pod, and packed it full of Auto meter gauges ( oil temp, oil press and boost/vac). So far the big girl puts out 290 hp and 700 nm. My wife tells me it's about time to stop, but there's still so much more I want to do. Maybe later, right now I need to earn some doe. If I knew how to resize photos, I'd put some up.
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2011
  17. frosty

    frosty Well-Known Member

    Lrt me marry your wife and I'll show ya how to make the picys smaller!:rolleyes:
  18. PSI 80

    PSI 80 New Member

    Mmmmm, you got thinking Frosty, how about you let me know how to resize photos, and maybe we can come to some sort of arrangement. Also, is it easy to post video from a go pro camera? Any help would be good, THANKS.
  19. Quozie

    Quozie Member

    Took mine to the panel shop, hope to get it back in a few weeks all good as new
  20. Vegetoast

    Vegetoast Active Member

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