What Did You Do To Your 4X4 This Week? Include photos, if possible!


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Bought a 91 SWB Pajero. With the almighty 2.6 astron motor :| .
Flew to sydney and picked it up, then drove it back to brissie..
Then joined this site...
Now looking at the list of stuff i need to buy for it and sh!tting myself at the cost!


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Got a set of drawers for $400 so I pulled out the fridge slide, sikaflexed up the holes and installed the drawers and slide.

Fitted a battery monitor.

Packed the kids in and put some bush pin-striping down the driver's side.

Ha Ha I did see a crazy forklift truck waving at me (I gave ya the thumbs up too :D)

MJ80 that bar looks grouse, give us a better look at it :D nice rims too.