What Did You Do To Your 4X4 This Week? Include photos, if possible!


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New genuine front drive shaft CVs, Steering rack bushes, Beaudesert 3inch exhaust. Got the exhaust with the 2 mufflers to keep it quiet still got a nice deeper burble to it and picked up some power to. Further mods on Monday to come is a 1000w inverter and 4 rock 20 work lights two on the back one either side.
Getting the inverter mainly because I bought a Stihl 200 electric chainsaw which is pretty cool and got it instead of taking my bigger husky with petrol. While wont be as good to cut big trees across the road it will be fine for firewood and its surprisingly powerful just limited by the 14 inch bar in terms of big trees across the road. The charger uses about 290W and takes about about an hour to charge. The bat lasts for about 45minutes and I got two of them with the 2nd one 50% off.

Alan Millar

Morton island :p
Wet and not real warm , but it's not cold old Vic .


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Over weekend Fitted some short armed owner mitigation straps to the bin lids on car fridge. Previously when fully opened wife and I would both struggle to reach the lid to close it

Hook on hook off



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Upgraded LED lighting on the gull wing windows + tailgate. Dimmable and RF remote (have attached just under the window near fridge for easy access)





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So iv been busy with my shorty recently. Gave her a full service
Fitted a body lift, fitted tough dog suspension lift , cut down an old winch bar to something more my style and bolted on my 33x12.5x17 Mickey Thompson rims and tyres...
plus even got out bush a few times..


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Changed front rotors for new ones, replaced the front caliper with seized piston for a new one and had the oil cooler seals replaced as I had an oil leak from a swollen o ring.
Went for standard discs rather than fancy slotted/drilled/dimpled rotors as it's a 4wd not a race car. I'm not hard on brakes as I use gears to slow down, but if they don't seem to be enough it's not hard to change them out. Braking performance has improved heaps just with this so it should be fine.


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The old wiring for the camp light on the rear bar was knackered and one of the terminals on the switch had broken off so made up a new curly wire, changed the light to a brighter & wider spread pattern light. Also made up and fitted an Anderson plug and lead to the under bonnet auxiliary battery so I can just plug the solar panel in at the bullbar instead of having to open the bonnet


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Spent today fitting a Huracan Fabrication tailgate storage mod to my 80 Series. Nothing more daunting then taking an angle grinder/jigsaw to perfectly good body panels! But the instructions provided were spot on and the new tailgate "lid" fit perfectly. It might seem crazy to spend $400 on some storage space but the good part is I was able to move a bunch of gear (snatch strap, winch extension, tree trunk protector, equaliser strap, two round slings, four recovery board straps and two cable dampeners) out of the boot and have it all in a singe location that I will be able to access even if the boot is chock full of other stuff.


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Laugh all you want but kinda needed in this house especially as the plug is on the side of vehicle not seen when coming to get in it



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Do exactly the same although in my case I wrap the extension lead around the wing mirror so I can't get in the door

Yeh I was doing that originally but now want the lead plumbed nicely and neatly along the side of carport so it’s fairly out of sight now (more permanence) , just comes up into cabin.

And I know if I don’t have a reminder I will attempt to tow my house! (Already have forgotten I had large antennae on and damaged the carport and antenna with it coming home from a trip - now I put a rubbish bin in the space)


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Last weekend I replaced the rear driveshaft on my disco as I've been getting some driveline vibrations. Centre bearing was cactus and the rear uni joint notchy. I thought that was the issue, wrong - turns out theres a bit of slop in the front propshaft as well so hopefully the replacement for that one solves the vibration.
Also while I had it in the shed I changed out the front left CV boots due to a small cut.


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New bump stops are in. :)

Inspecting the rear end, not what I was hoping to find...:(

No more 4wding till this is welded back together and fit a brace kit.


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Scored myself a Victron BMV-712 on fleabay last night for $243. Hopefully it'll rock up next week and then I can get it installed in the roof console