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What Did You Do To Your 4X4 This Week? Include photos, if possible!

Discussion in 'General 4x4 Discussion' started by CHUAH1, Jul 31, 2011.

  1. Rags90mod

    Rags90mod Active Member

    Had my fridge barrier/cargo shelf installed yesterday. Pretty happy with it for a carton ;):) Just need to test it out camping/4WDing trip now 20171021_174916.jpg
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  2. Hagared

    Hagared Member

    Got the electrical system bones in on the weekend. Decided to setup the second system as redundant from the vehicle electrics for peace of mind. Consists of 100 amp hour battery and a 110 watt solar panel. Very happy to now be able to use my onboard compressor, just need to wire in the canopy lighting and accessories charging now. DSC_0248.JPG
    Battery location, nice and low.
    regulator and fuse panel located in the compressor cabinet.

    Heading off this coming weekend for more testing!
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  3. Spooner

    Spooner Well-Known Member

    I got a pair of IPF HiD spread beams fitted today . Will test them out tomorrow morning on the way to work to see how they go.
    Kangaroos are a big problem up here . I took the locals advise as thats what they mostly seem to run up here , gives a fence line to fence line clear view.
    The last few weeks , since we moved here have been madness driving in the dark with only your std headlights .

  4. Spooner

    Spooner Well-Known Member

    LOL mate,
    Seeing I had the day off I also polished the whole car by hand , was starting to look like a farmers ute.
    Gee Im glad I bought a white car :)
    white car.jpg
  5. Hoyks

    Hoyks Active Member

    I had some time on my hands and a isolator switch that I wanted to install.

    So in an effort to add some extra protection to the winch cabling I pulled the grill again and added split sleeve tubing to all the positive cables, zip tied them into neat bundles and tied them off to the body a bit better than they were.
    Now for the switch, the only real place to attach it to something solid in the BT50 is to route the cables to the firewall. Thats a bit of a waste and the cables I have aren't quite long enough anyway, so I made up a bracket and and attached it to the battery with self tapping screws...
    no, I'm not a complete idiot, Velcro really. It doesn't need much support as the weight of the cables keeps it in place.

    Next weeks job is to make a new bracket to hold the dual battery controller, 120A circuit breaker and a new fuse block I am doing for the accessories as random wires running off the positive and hidden fuses is giving me the poos. I'll also put in a master accessory switch as the tiny parasitic drain of them all left me stuck after 3 weeks away. After spending 2.5 weeks away, 10hrs on a plane, getting into the airport at 11pm in the rain and then trying to get a jump start isn't any where as much fun as it sounds.
    switch 1.JPG

    switch 2.JPG
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  6. darb

    darb Well-Known Member

    buddddy... get a 240v buffing machine :) Apply with one head, buff with the second... and then final shine down by hand with a terri cloth ... all my pin stripes gone (i will eventually run out of clear coat though).

    Yeah mine's been through 12 camping trips since March + A 2500km 2 week trip up to SHark Bay + 2 Lancelin Beach house weekends (4wd'ing included) ... she needed some anti pin striping!
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  7. Hoyks

    Hoyks Active Member

    I had a bit of time yesterday and today, so I re-purposed some zincaneal I had for fixing my old Cruiser and donated it to the BT50.

    I knocked up a bracket to hold all the dual battery controller bits a while back, but it didn't have any room for anything extra, so I extended it a bit. I had a plan to put a switch on the fuse block, but figured it would be a bit of a waste as I can just flick the circuit breaker and it will achieve the same thing with less complexity.
    Power runs from the main battery where it will be split off to the fuse block and dual battery controller. The extra fuse block will have all the terminals on one side soldered together (no idea why they don't come from the factory like thato_O) and then run to the trailer brake lights/trailer brakes/UHF/dashcam as right now I have 3 different fuse types for them all. This will knock it down to just large and small blade fuses.

    Its not as rigid as I would like it to be, but not many places to brace it easily where it is in the engine bay and I don't think it will shake too much. A bit of satin black paint and some stainless fasteners ($13) and I think it is OK for the money and sort of looks like it was meant to be there.

  8. 2002GU3

    2002GU3 Well-Known Member

    looks good Pete, nice job
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  9. barnsey062

    barnsey062 Well-Known Member

    Took mine on its first camping trip since i have owned it and fixed it up :) few things to finish off but had a nice relaxing time, & now its usable it will be out of the shed more often :) :)
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  10. Hotdog

    Hotdog Active Member

    I got two extra cup holders in the 76 Wagon.
    Plus it has a spot for your phone, a couple of pens and the multi- tool.
    Not cheap as the guy 3D prints it in the US. Solid plastic construction.
    $38.00 USD plus postage.
    holder1.jpg holder2.jpg holder3.jpg holder4.jpg
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  11. Rags90mod

    Rags90mod Active Member

    Put new rotors on the rear of my 76 series cruiser today - DBA T2's
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  12. 80lover96gxl

    80lover96gxl Moderator

    Needed a spot for the 2nd fridge for next yrs cape york and some extra storage room is always handy in a 4wd so removed the rear seats and built a place for the 2nd fridge and more storage which will also come in handy.
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  13. Bomber2012

    Bomber2012 Well-Known Member

    Gday Mate
    I took the backseat out of my duel cab Hilux about a year ago , best move ever , shipload more room .
    Got the fridge fixed down in there and plenty of room to stow the things I need to keep dry and secure.
    Added bonus is the front seats recline back that bit further , if you need to have a kip in the car its much more comfortable .
    Unless you need to have passengers in back seat id rip them out , its only 4 bolts and 5 mins to take them out and just as easy to put back in .
    (Pretty sure its illegal to do it because as with my Hilux , its considered a 5 person vehicle and pulling the back seat out reduces it to a 2 person vehicle , happy to be proved wrong on this).
    Nice work Brian , plenty more room freed up . :D
    The difference its made to my travelling is worth it .
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  14. 80lover96gxl

    80lover96gxl Moderator

    Hey Luke, cheers mate.

    Yep pretty keen to test it out and will be able to do so in 4 days when we leave to come over there, bit excited:D.
    Have made them the same height as my draws so i can still lay a mattress in there for solo trips.

    Im not too clued up on the legalities of seat removal but mines gone from 7 to 2 seats. I think provided the seatbelts are still intact its fine ( hope they dont look right in the back;):p).
    I can easily re fit the rear seats should the need arise so should be sweet i reckon mate.
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  15. Mr Rum

    Mr Rum Well-Known Member

    After the SA meet where you showed me how much room taking the back seats out of your dual-cab had made, I convinced my brother and parents to do the same for our Cape York trip. They absolutely loved the extra space.
  16. IvanTheTerrible

    IvanTheTerrible Well-Known Member

  17. Virt

    Virt New Member

    Pulled the rear heater out - now I gotta figure out what to do with the extra centre console space!! Thinking one of those tiny drink coolers but they're so expensive!
    rear heater out.jpg
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  18. hiluxdriver

    hiluxdriver Well-Known Member

    Major performance upgrade - painted the steel wheels black. Also upgraded some wiring in the engine bay and detailed the inside, still a shit load of sand in there though.

    Attached Files:

  19. Hoyks

    Hoyks Active Member

    Ive had driving lights for a while, but got a light bar as a freebie when I got a winch late last year.
    With an interstate trip planned for next week and nothing planned for this weekend, I tooled up and installed the light bar.

    1st issue is that where I had mounted the driving light switch and the type of switch, there wasn't actually any room for the terminals on the back. I could have hacked the plastic up more, but then it would have left that part of the dash unsupported.

    The solution was to laminate some 10mm plastic sheet I had lying around, hack a hole in the middle to fit a switch mount, clean it up and then make that fit the dash.
    The room in behind is so tight that I couldn't use crimp connectors and had to solder wire tails on the back and attach the crimp connectors onto them.

    switch block 2.jpg switch block1.jpg

    IMG_0909.JPG IMG_0908.JPG
    I'm not 100% happy with it, but I can't see it while behind the wheel, so it doesn't annoy me.
    It did give me the chance to tidy up some of the cable runs under the bonnet too.
    Anyway, bar all installed within the profile of the bar and fully functional. It does make the standard halogen lights look awfully yellow though. You just about get sunburn standing in front of it with everything going.

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  20. deepop

    deepop 4x4 Earth Contributer

    Lovely mate, looks good.

    Nice car too!

    When's the Cape trip?

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