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What Did You Do To Your 4X4 This Week? Include photos, if possible!

Discussion in 'General 4x4 Discussion' started by CHUAH1, Jul 31, 2011.

  1. 80lover96gxl

    80lover96gxl Moderator

    Huge improvement and looks the goods too i reckon, dont mind the flares actually, gives it a tougher looking stance than the factory look and gives you a good gauge as to the width of the truck in tight situations.
  2. 03hilux

    03hilux 4x4 Earth Contributer

    Good to see it finished and off road Ian.
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  3. Noel Preston

    Noel Preston Active Member

    Did it last week. Re-indexed the torsion bars on my BT50 to reset the height back to specification.
  4. Nissan 09 str

    Nissan 09 str New Member

    Last week my bro inlaw and myself built a cabinet to house a fridge, oven, compressor, 4x anderson plug outlets, twin usb outlets, Cigerette socket and a 100ah battery (enough room for a second battery later on) and hooked up on top of the rear canopy 2x 200w solar panels. Yes a little bit over the top but it gives me the option to add more gear later on. Keeps the kids happy charging all thier electronic goodies which keeps the lil missus happy.

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  5. Grippy

    Grippy Well-Known Member

    Radiator in the Grand sprung a leak, so to pull it out requires the whole freaking front end and the hydraulic lines for the fan to come off, grrrr!
    Due to ordering a new one the day before New Years Eve when everyone is still on holidays I am still waiting for the replacement.
    [​IMG]2016-12-30_06-37-19 by Ian Lucas, on Flickr
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  6. maddon

    maddon Active Member

    changed the fuel filters and broken wheel nuts / happy jan
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    BTFIVO Well-Known Member

  8. darb

    darb Well-Known Member

    Well with a 10 - 12hr trip coming up i bit the bullet and put some head rest mounted screens in, both are linked to the primary one with a 32gb SD card packed with kids shows n movies (most had to be recompressed to lower resolution to be playable).

    Got some DC wiring plumbing to sort out, but that won't be too hard.

    the IR remote will be mounted in the front on the roof and works well ... so we can pause / mute / stop / bribe and blackmail the little shits if they're having a whinge!

    We do ike to also just let kids peer out the window , but our 20 month old daughter especially is a fecking maniac, so you know what, a bit of screentime watching Toy Story 27 is fine by me.

  9. RBJET

    RBJET Active Member

    I don't think you have enough screens.
  10. darb

    darb Well-Known Member

    That can be fixed
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  11. barnsey062

    barnsey062 Well-Known Member

    can probably get a couple in those sun visors too :)
  12. darb

    darb Well-Known Member

    I was thinking a forward facing camera on roof for AV2 on the headrest units , wife said "this is not a flight to LA"
  13. maddon

    maddon Active Member

    i am doing a journey from sydney to darwin and back and thought some new tyres a bit over the top
  14. billolga

    billolga 4x4 Earth Contributer

    Tell her you don't want to be the last kid on the block to have one.:cool:
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  15. billolga

    billolga 4x4 Earth Contributer

    If you put the lights back, plus the number plate & leave the other plastic crap off it would make it easier to work on next time.:cool: (Saves on car polish as well)
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  16. Grippy

    Grippy Well-Known Member

    Well with the new radiator I put the lights back in, chopped the bumper in half, so now it's tiny and light, no more fog lights and easy to work on :)
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  17. beasley

    beasley Active Member

    IMG_0279.JPG Welded a jerrycan holder to the side of trailer. IMG_0260.JPG IMG_0272.JPG Been trying to add counterbalance weight at the back to take weight of the towball. Will make one for the other side of trailer. These ones are for 20litre water jerrys. IMG_0278.JPG
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  18. Wannabe4WDer

    Wannabe4WDer Active Member

    Built a shelf to hold my second battery and a 12v panel and inverter. 20170413_120813.jpg
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  19. beasley

    beasley Active Member

    Nice work .looks good and functional
  20. Wannabe4WDer

    Wannabe4WDer Active Member

    Still need to tidy up the cables a bit and run the lights and other bits to the switches. Only thing that is bugging me really at the moment is the USB outlets get read as computer ports on my camera so it won't charge. Got to work that out.

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