What Did You Do To Your 4X4 This Week? Include photos, if possible!


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I would like to say I got a heap of work done on the new rig but Dave Coxy and I had a man weekend....lol Spent all day at Pete's with chainsaws and beer and then went for a run today and was a great trip. Im sure we will have a report up and a few pics of the day soon. But was a great weekend.
So its next weekend to add to my new build as Matty from GOR rang me friday to say my superflex arms are in. WoooHooo! So I will be on the road soon. YAY!
Jeeps looking great mate.
Bent both sidesteps and broke r/h inner c/v joint!
Had a great day, just hope to b ready for action again next weekend in wombat!
Ready is new driveshaft under warranty ASAP, also side protection steps,
My mate busted his prado step and mudflap after sliding into a big tree stump!
He will need side protection steps too!
Yes, "Ohhh what a feeling"


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I had a good week on cars this week pulled out my gearbox on thursday to change the clutch removed the flywheel and sent it off to get machined. Also changed rear main seal whilst in there. Then refitted the gearbox with the new heavy duty pbr clutch friday arvo to get it ready for our little outing on saturday where she performed perfect.


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I spent 5 hours washing the 300 kg's of Oodnadatta mud from under mine! Took me near a whole day! Next day, full service. Next day, set up the camper and scrub the livin hell out of it!!

Never goin on holidays again! To bloody hard!!

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Well, I got my windscreen on the Prado smashed by some dope doing 120 with a camper passing me on the Birdsville Track, i got it fixed today then I put a new winch on the front of the XJ...
installed the rear work lights, and have been trying ti rebuild a set of free wheeling hubs on the kitchen table.

the lights

lights on my daughters car

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Hey GG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How'de ya go draggin that woosy Landy back into the bog hole he obviously just drove around?????????
Haha ha,actually I DID have to drag him out of a bog hole the day before......:D:D:D:D
hey gg i am tippin that was prety smelly by the look of it !
Not to bad Wayne, bythe time that pic was taken most of the smelly stuff was stuck on/under/over and around everyone elses cars.... :D