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What Cheeses Me Off!!!!

Discussion in 'Off Topic Discussion' started by ChallengeLee, Jul 18, 2009.

  1. rogerazz

    rogerazz 4x4 Earth Contributer

    Roy Morgan results 2017 from best to worst professions.
    Check out TV reporters @17 and I reckon Journalists @20 in general fall lower than that. When you consider the advertising @5 and bulls*it that comes from that and the mouths of the media personnel on TV.

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  2. dno67

    dno67 Well-Known Member

    Where's the tradie rating ?
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  3. GaryM

    GaryM Well-Known Member

    We ask for it. They deliver. This particular flavour of sensationalism might not be your tastes, but seems most people like some form of sensationalism. Extremes seem to match each other too.

    Dieticians make recipes for Kale salad, so some indulgent person makes recipes for loaded donuts.
    Scrubby says ban 4WD, I want a bigger bullbar.

    I think we might be reactionary critters.
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  4. rogerazz

    rogerazz 4x4 Earth Contributer

    Sorry. I cut it out as I did not want to offend anyone. however I guess the truth can hurt some times :).

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  5. mikehzz

    mikehzz Well-Known Member

    Exactly, news is a commodity they are selling and they are after the most customers they can get. The same applies to tv shows.
  6. GaryM

    GaryM Well-Known Member

    Woman tries to start her 4WD at shopping centre carpark, its in gear so jumps forward a cm or two, or more rocks a little on the spot.
    With her 35s and a lift, to witnesses it appears to be some impatient hillnbilly trying to mount the curb
    By the time it hits Facebook she nearly killed a number of kids
    And by the time FB is finished, she was Muslim.

    No 'professional' spinmasters involved. How does the media compete with that? Run with the story thats how.
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    BIGCOL Well-Known Member

    I feel pretty good, being a Tradie and having to carry that lot above me Ha!

  8. dno67

    dno67 Well-Known Member

    Mate told me a story yesterday about a plumbing problem his had.
    Cup weekend had a blocked sewer line, told the tank needed emptying.
    Rang another mate and got it emptied on a sunday, mates rates. done
    mine at the same time.
    Last week, it blocked again. Rang local plumber who was 500m down the road
    and say's no problem he could duck around and have a look. At $74.00
    an hour. re dug the already loosened soil approximately 300mm deep 400mm long and said the problem was the S trap before the tank, opened the IO poked it with a stick, problem now flowing. Had a cuppa and talked shit for 20min about replacing the line to the tank then ask's mates Mrs for $250.00.
    Line blocked again, ol mate chased up the bloke the plumbed the house originally
    some ten years ago before they brought. His an hours drive away offers to come over and have a look,re digs the S trap for a look, say's he can cut it out out if ol mates wants to it removed but runs the chance of possible smell at the house. Ol mate says how much to do that ? Plumber say's arrr, $50.00 and where all good. Had a cuppa and a chat and leaves with everyone happy. Unlike the local bloke when ol mate next see's him face to face.
  9. Albynsw

    Albynsw Well-Known Member

    $50 is way too cheap
    The $250 number is closer to the standard price you would expect to pay
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  10. Bomber2012

    Bomber2012 Well-Known Member

    That sounds as if there is more to it plumber charges $50 for a call out . :rolleyes:
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  11. itlldoo

    itlldoo Well-Known Member

    nothing about a CUSTOMER on that list, cause we know there right and are trust worthy all the bloody time :rolleyes:
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  12. dno67

    dno67 Well-Known Member

    I think he would have been happy to pay somewhere in between for the plumber to poke a stick down the IO, nothing more. Then ask the blokes Mrs for $250 after
    saying $74.00 an hour, mate only found out the cost some days later.
    Totally agree. He would have had ago himself, but unfortunately his been
    very sick and unable to do much psychically.
    Tradie's are an easy target in so many cases.
  13. dno67

    dno67 Well-Known Member

    Apparently the S trap before the tank is no longer regulation, original plumber
    may have felt some own-is (spelling) He mentioned that the tank had sunken a little
    since it was fitted years earlier. Again, possibly some own-is.
    Mate recons the 2 rubber joiners would have cost $40.00 alone.
  14. Bomber2012

    Bomber2012 Well-Known Member

    Thought so ....
  15. Bomber2012

    Bomber2012 Well-Known Member

    So who is the scammer in this scenario ?
    The plumber who initially came out and unblocked it (assuming it had been done to regulation) and charged $250
    The 2nd plumber who came out to fix his f##k up and charge your mate $50 for it ?
  16. dno67

    dno67 Well-Known Member

    Good question, Was it regulation when fitted ? a question any member of the public more than likely would have no clue about.
    Easy to see why tradies are easy targets.
  17. rogerazz

    rogerazz 4x4 Earth Contributer

    Had a blocked drain in 2012 ( five years ago).
    Drain bloke came in and this was his bill.
    He said he did a cheapie because he just bought some expensive drain camera and had his apprentice do some video of him to put in a TV ad.
    He located a break in the drain and said if he does it, could be $3,000.00 maybe more like up to $4,000.00 with digger, labour, etc. etc. down the back yard on under the garden on patio.
    Because he pinpointed the spot roughly with the camera, I said leave it to me.
    Because I was sixty eight I got son and son in law to dig down over one metre and found one old ceramic pipe had settled further and this was blocking.
    Raised the pipe level, set concrete footing/base under both pipes and bobs your uncle.
    He probably only needed a camera and not the router, maybe a bit steep on price.
    P.S. My blokes did not like the smell of the sewage, however when I explained I cleared my brother's septic sewage pipes by hand, no gloves, in the good old days, they shut up.:D.
    This is the bill. I have removed his name and some other details.

    Code Description Amount $120.001.00002 High pressure sewer router used to clear blockage. $120.00**

    $55.001.00003 CCTV camera @ $55 every 15 min $55.00

    $65.001.00006 Locate and mark out break/problem in drain. $65.00**

    Bill To: R.Azza Montmorency

    Net 00 17 Aug 2012 17 Aug 2012 24

    Date: Invoice No:

    Due Date: Terms: Tax Invoice

    Payment required on completion! $240.00 Subtotal


    $245.50 $245.50
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  18. dno67

    dno67 Well-Known Member

    What cheese's me off ?
    People that try to f$%^k you over, here's a few picks of the apparent
    damage I done to a neighboring driveway where I worked yesterday.
    You can clearly see the exposed rusted reo that's caused the original chip. driway chip 001.jpg driway chip 002.jpg
    Foul mouthed cow bailed up the laborer and gave it too him, I go out and take a pic
    in front of her to protect myself from any further damage and she didn't say boo.
    Now waiting to see if the council contact me sometime in the future.
  19. Bomber2012

    Bomber2012 Well-Known Member

    Its also illegal Rog , your breaking the law .
    All work on sewerage lines should be done by a licensed plumber .
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  20. GaryM

    GaryM Well-Known Member

    So they need regs to force people to use their services... damn commies :D

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