What are your Nweq Years Eve plans?


What are your New Years Eve plans?

Hey everyone,

What is everyone doing tonight? Planning a big one? We are having a few friends over for a BBQ and a bit of seafood. Most bringing kids so I don't know how many survivors will make it through to midnight.

Stay safe and have a Happy New Year!

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Just a quiet one for us. :(

Hey James, you forgot to give your address. ;)

It is ..............................Narre Warren
Everyone welcome, bring the dogs as well!:eek:

Cheers Rossco

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Same for us quite one - would love to go out but need to look after the dogs.

Owner Operators :rolleyes: letting off fireworks in loacl area's really annoys me!!


Ah, no, not the dogs - apart from playing a little bit of Modern Warfare 2, which is the most canine phobic game around, we are going to put Sheba in the garage tonight I think. There will be too many kids running around and we don't want here getting overexcited!



I'll just mosy back over the Beach for a few quiet ones with family and friends, have a good New Year everyone and an even better 2010. Cheers


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We are with boys at a friends place just around the corner from you James, Yup the puppys stay at home locked up tonight. I think Max will make midnight but Sam and Toby will crash. So we might have to have an early one at home. We'll see. Fingers crossed!
Have a great and safe night everyone all the best for the new year.


Going around to Darlingd's house for a party.

Best wishes to everyone for a happy and prosperous New Year. STAY SAFE.



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Getting dragged into town to see the fireworks, locking my little darling in tonight , there is some dickhead in the next block who even had crackers going Christmas night .

Have a Happy and Safe New Year everyone !


Damn rain

We were going to head to a local camp site and have a peacefull one in the bush but alas there is a strong threat of rain so that has been canned:(
So now going out for a nice dinner just me and the missus followed by a quiet few at home.
best wishes to everyone, have a fun and safe NYE:D


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getting pissed at home listening to the Beatles and making random posts here..

Felsy knows what its like to have a preggers missesss

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