What 4WD do you miss the most. Post pics.


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Well, I thought I would create a thread for a bit of 4x4 therapy for those who pine after one 4by like no other.

I know I miss my BT-50 as it was my first, but I am sure I would miss my Cruiser as well if I got rid of it. I want them all!!

Actually, I originally wanted a 76 but were $78,000 as there were no second hand units for sale at the time and really, even $50,000 is too much, but I ended up in a BT-50 by chance and fell in love with it. I can honestly say I have no love affair with the 76, sadly, like I did with the BT, but it may also be due to being my first 4by as well. I hope to find another love some day. lol


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By the time I finish with them, they are gasping for breath and looking for a wrecking yard. :) Does anyone recall the Bluesmobile when it reached its destination?


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Well, I miss my 84 MK Patrol was a great vehicle and I did a lot of learning in that thing including coming close to losing it in a Flinders Ranges Creek during a flash flood with water licking at the passengers window whilst the vehicle was listing heavily after sliding sideways down the very wet embankment.

They have now blocked that section in Aroona Valley



Actually, they're 33's. Proper 33's, not 285's. Think they just look bigger on the old 15 inch rims. It was a 2h diesel. Slow but would crawl up a wall and go forever. Don't ever recall getting recovered, mostly doing the recovering...ha..ha. She was a great old rig and straight as a die. She saw a lot of this country with me.. I'm sure shes still plugging along somewhere.


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I must admit I miss my HJ60 as well and my TJ, but MOST would go to my first car, a Jeep CJ5 that had plywood body and seats from the firewall back, an outboard fuel tank so it didn't go too far if it got stolen and a screwdriver for a key.


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would have to be my 1st daihatsu F20. Properly beacause all the tracks we used to do around nsw dont exist and more. Did heaps of missions and never let me down. i would still have it if it did rust away to the point i thought if i hit the brakes to hard the body would fall of the chassis:D.
It left me with a bit of a daihatsu obsession and ive had a few and still have one and still scan the net on the lookout for a f20 for a bit of a project.
i still have the remains down at the uncles farm.:(


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I miss my little Suzuki Samurai (Sierra). Being SWB it was a little hard on the bones - but she was a weapon offroad.



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Miss my 2a 88" land Rover , taught me how to work on 4x4s, replaced it with a Sierra , that was an unstoppable machine until it floated/sunk, they were my first two 4x4s. had heaps since but miss these two . least missed BT50.