Wet roads


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We were on our way to the inlaws for dinner tonight :mad: , when half way there we saw a car had a bit of a problem. With just one police officer there i offered to help out and so did the bloke whose house is next to the tree. After a bit of chainsaw action and dragging a few branches away we managed to get the car out. I was all ready to hook up with the Cruiser but a local farmer grabbed his tractor and dragged the car free.

The lady driver was EXTREMLY lucky to not be injured at all!! She said she came up over the rise and saw it but braked too late and when she did she locked up the wheels and this is the end result! I still can't see how she's done it, there is a LONG way between the rise in road and where the tree was.

I was quite happy to help out, i got to the inlaws later that way......


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Me thinketh there may have been an electronic distraction in her hand Gilly or it was time for a new car


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Maybe you block their way in with a strategically placed similar sized tree or two.