Wee Jasper to Blue Waterholes help please


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Does anyone know if i can get through to Blue Waterholes from Wee Jasper via Broken Cart Trail to Long plain Rd going early March


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Yes, Long Plain road is closed seasonally, check the NSWParks website for details on this years dates


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Normally Broken Cart is fine but who knows in these Covid times. Long Plain rd will close after the long weekend in June unless it gets too wet or there is an early dump of snow.
Check with Tumut Visitors centre on 0269 477 025.

You have to book camping spots in National Parks and Blue Waterholes is heavily booked. Check availability on line or phone 1300 072 757
Cooleman mountain camp is the closest (about a 10 minute drive to BWH) but can also be booked out on weekends.


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There's a gate at the start of Broken Cart and I'm pretty sure it's locked between the June and October long weekends.