Weber Baby Q Premium + Advice

im wanting to get the Baby Q premium
but before purchase, can anyone recommend
a good heavy bag? i dont think the genuine weber bag is meant to be very good plus im not sure the
premium fits it...can anyone confirm>?

Also can anyone please link me a good reliable device to mount a 4.5 gas bottle to either my steel roof rack or steel rear bar
easier to use the better
(not sure if that is possible but i dont want it in the car)

thanks in advance


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I put mine in the weber bag with the premium lid attached no probs, cant comment on the bags longevity though.
Cant help with the gas bottle sorry.


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I think you will find putting a gas cylinder in a crash zone , permanent or temporary would be defective .
It is approved to carry one 9 kg cylinder witin a vehicle or on the roof rack ;)
We have a camper trailer so we have a 9kg bottle on the drawbar, the camper does not have a gas system though so 9kg is overkill but it fits the holder!

If I had to take it on our 4WD only camping trips I'd just get a 2kg bottle and use that, and I'd pack it securely in the back of the 4WD.


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In Qld
It is approved to carry :Two: 9 kg lpg cylinders in the vehicle ( preferable in the boot ) cylinder valve plugs MUST be installed , cylinder upright & held firm . ;)
Tbh compared to cars, gas cylinders are pretty much bomb proof, I think if the car was compromised so much the gas cylinder was damaged that would be the least of your worries