Washing underbody by flooding at boat ramp


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Hi. So I've just finished driving my cruiser belly deep forward and reverse half a dozen times down a boat ramp to flush salt n mud away.

Was it a stupid idea? Anything at risk? Or can I make it a part of my maintenance?

79 series cruiser


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Well apart from a chance of slipping into the drink (loss of tracktion) on a slippery ramp.
personally I would not do it, I would rather go to the local car wash.
I didn’t even like putting the boat in and out unless it was a high tide with a good grippy ramp.


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Depends on the boat ramp.
Probably not a good idea if the water is salty, for obvious reasons, or the ramp has a drop off the end, drop a wheel over that and you might struggle to get back up and sink the vehicle.
Getting water in the clutch housing can let the clutch slip horribly.
Fills the brake cables with water.
I wouldn't think it washes off that much, high pressure water from a hose would do a better job. Try caking your arm with clay and dipping it in water, you need movement or rubbing to wash the mud off, otherwise it just gets wet.

Personally, I'd think it would create more maintenance issues than it solves.


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what you're doing wont flush mud out from inside the chassis rails, and wont do much for any wiring either. check the trailer plug. . bet its full of mud and doesnt work


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Dis similar metals in salt water bad, Chassis rails full of salt water bad. Even if you hose it when you get home youll never get it all out. Sprinkler on the lawn works good.


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No response by the OP yet :oops:

My question to the question is-

Isn't there also diff breathers etc??

Im still learning myself but I read a lot of threads & see this quite often??

Just asking the question :)

Barra GU

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Bunnings stock 3 metre lengths of 100mm pvc

Wouldnt be a bad idea to just duct tape it to the snorkel (make sure its water tight, tie the front recovery point to the boat and just take the thing up past the roof to ensure the entire thing is mud and dirt free...

For optimum cleaning leave the windows down so you can also wash the interior!

5 to10 minutes maxxx you dont wanna ruin the thing


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Stopping, braking, changing gears, activating brake cylinders, clutch cylinders etc all underwater, nothing to see here. Or should I say nothing to see here .... soon.


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Salt water is not good for your vehicle. Better give it a good clean in a car wash after driving into the sea. If you do it regularily, use a salt wash product and give it an occasional wax for good protection .
Also sand, if it gets into the mechanical stuff it can cause damage.
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If the boat ramp is in brackish water or salt water, more harm than good done. If is 100% fresh water no difference to driving in a creek crossing or in puddles after a downpour.