Washer bottle motor review on cheap motors replacement


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Just a “heads up” for anyone out there who has leaking motors on the GQ windscreen washer pumps. The Genuine replacement motors are $99.00 each, an absolute rip off.
I took a chance and ordered these just to see if they actually work.
So here is my review:

YES, they do work and work very well. Fittings are all the same, so the original electrical plugs click right in.
Hose diameter is the same so your water lines do not need modifying.
The motors are louder than original but under the bonnet of a 4.2D, you won’t notice.
The “GOLD” part of the motor housing is shorter than the originals but it still has enough to lock into position on the bottle.
Throw away the rubber O ring that comes with them as they are the same diameter as original ones.
• Silicone the original rubbers to the bottle so they will not pop out if you need to remove a motor for any reason, that’s one less chance of losing a rubber without seeing it fall off.
• You may need to “bleed” the hose to the front jets as I had to suck some up the line before it worked. (Maybe that was just mine not sure on this one)
• No need to bleed the rear line as it has the one-way valve in it which stops the water draining after long periods of the bottle being empty.
• Cost is brilliant, $18.00 for both motors with free delivery, much better than paying Nissan 200 bucks.
• Link to where I bought them from and I have NO connection with these dudes, I just ordered them after searching for the cheapest seller of the same product….