Wanted. New Track Buddy.


lost friends

guys im not gone yet leave me mate alone or i just might stay and the list fits perfect for me i can sure drink my weight in burbon and the minister can do almost as well as me and im not afraid to get my feet wet

We all think you had better stay ,the golden one will be lost without you :(
no one can fill his request like you can.:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D


i'd put my hand up, but i live a bit to far north.
i love going first, makes it more interesting.
love fishing, and will drink my weight in whatever is alchoholic and still go wheeling the next day!


Rob hasn't left yet but I can still take applications for his replacement.
The front runners so far.......
1. Heels- Never says no to me - Better looking than Cruiserlad
2. Lordy- Has a boat


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Gold rush I'd b ya track buddy in an instant. I own a patrol but I'll bring my cruza out if it keeps ya happy. I drink twice my weight in bourbon, don't mind being a river crossing guinea pig if u have a snatch strap ready, have a fridge, not the best fisherman but willing to learn, & OH YES we caught 15 & they were THIS BIG!!!!! The only prob is I live in Perth.
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Heres a thought why not a buddy in every State

Why not join us at Otooles and then you can choose your track buddy for Victoria

It appears Sharky has got the Gig in WA

Millsy will probably get it in SA

and the way Grit is going, NSW is taken

Cmon Goldy the word ROADTRIP is just too appealing to pass up


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Now you're talkin ;):). I'll put u up in my camper out the back Goldrush. It has all the creature comforts. We live in the hills so u can even have a fire if u want?.........give it that real camping feel :D;), or we have several caravan parks within 10km.
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