Wanted: drop down fridge slider ?

Yes thanks blokes..., these things are weighty, and too bloody expensive for my money..., but with weight and space, there's always going to be a trade offs and compromises. However, in this circumstance I don't feel I have much choice. I have spied a YouTube tutorial of a guy who copied and fabricated his own and sometimes when I get off my arse I can be a reasonably handy metal fabricator, so self fabrication is not off the table. Will go snooping on Dr. Google again.
My 'lift kitted' tray does make 'drop down' access is a bit of a must..., and a fully loaded fridge will certainly add much more weight.
Although I like to think I travel fairly light, my canopied tray("the chuck wagon") can fill pretty quickly with what I consider to be essentials and toys alike, and weight is a definite primary consideration.


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I have a "lift" & an 80ltr fridge & dont need a drop down slide to access it but then again I am 6"1.



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I built a normal slide out of 2x 100KG draw slides, 2x pieces of aluminum & a piece of form ply with buckles bolted to it. Then just use a plastic fold up step to access the bottom of the fridge. The whole thing weighs under 5KG.
PS: This is in a canopy on a lifted ute, so it's not low.