Wang's getaway - September 16th-18th

Is Wang the Best For Organizing A Trip?

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4x4 Earth Contributer
i think he's going to bring the "TYRE BEADER" to work for a check over just to jake sure it's in tip top condition :)
wouldn't want to let us down when its needed the most
That's what I like about 4X4Earth, very educational.


4x4 Earth Contributer
What time do people expect to be arriving at Flat Rock?
I'll be having the whole day off, so I'll plan my day to get there with the rest of you.
Think @Jerm is going early.

Haven't checked map for suitable wood collection points yet.


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I will be heading out friday should get there mid afternoon , might be bring my daughter along for this trip.


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Not much chance of finding firewood at camp. I will try pick some up around MT Walker way. If thoses heading up in daylight hours could grab some on the way, we can have a nice fire goin for those rolling in later.


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Sorry gav sold the pair about a month ago to my neighbor. Still have 1 left hand lamp though which you can have for nothing if you like ? Sorry champ

1 red gu

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sorry guys ill have to sit this one out
looks like ill be rebuilding my front diff in prep for the high country. i put new wheel bearings in today and discovered the king pins are shot so may as well go over the whole thing now
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will most definitely be bring the daughter along on this one , wife is flying to brisvegas , daughter hates flying its a weekend away for her !!