Wang's getaway - September 16th-18th

Is Wang the Best For Organizing A Trip?

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Yeah i could be good for this one, put me on the maybe list.
Would all depend on work as we are in the process of moving warehouses.

Just as another option, we could always go to yerranderie? Call in to the Sunshack again on the way out.
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Well I always thought I was a bit of a legend but now its official I'm on GAVO'S legend list;);)
Hey all. @Wang is organising a trip on the weekend of 17th. .

At this stage we're heading south Friday night, and home Sunday. Details still unknown. But put it in you're diary.
Good on you @Wang, @Gavo thinks you're tops.

And for Wang's housekeeping, so far we have,
"Legend Attendee List"
@Mr Rum
@Michael Baker
@The 80 & I

And the Maybes,
@1 red gu


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Hmmm ill be keeping an interested eye on this! ill be keen on tagging along depending how far south you go as ill only be able to bail down Saturday arvo after work and hang around for the Sunday hangoverness... :confused:
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So the famous Wang has spoken. He's suggested that flat rock camp spot is a good spot for Friday night meet.

So if you're like me, and unsure of where that is, here is the link to the wiki camps site.

Good on ya @Wang

So looking like a super easy trip. Probably head home via wombeyan, so short of one steep climb probably won't need to much stubby stick.
Just a good get of town weekend.


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Hey Wang & co. where are you planning on camping Saturday night? hoping I can make this one.


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Is Gavo going to show us how to re-bead a tyre again?:D
I will have to take notes this time.
i think he's going to bring the "TYRE BEADER" to work for a check over just to make sure it's in tip top condition :)
wouldn't want to let us down when its needed the most