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So it was decided to have a camp at Karuah NP and explore some of the tracks in the Wallaroo SF and Wallaroo NP. I arrived at the corner of The Buckets way and Limberners Cr rd were I was meeting the first of the happy campers for the weekend. Richard showed up and we decided to get some firewood before making our way to Little Mountain Campgrounds. So we popped down the road and found a nice pile of wood, loaded it into the trailer and headed to Karuah NP. The main road in to the NP was quite good till a short way up Little Mountain rd were it became very muddy with lots of chicken tracks around the worst of the mud pits although some were quite tight with a trailer on. About half way down the road we heard the radio crackle to life and Mr DPG was already at camp waiting for us. We got to the campground and its right on the Karuah river and quite a nice spot. We set up camp and decided that would do us for the day so grabbed a beer and sat down and enjoyed the veiw. Next Hendo came in but seeing as he forgot his pillows would need to head home and grab them and grab some chairs. Next Aza came in and later that night (which would of been challenging entry in the dark) Kath. Most will know that a small fire ;) was lit and a couple of beavies were consumed that night and some laughs thrown in.

Saturday we got up early and I went an met Rudy and Brett at Heatherbrae and we went to meet the others. Seeing as they were a lil slow the call was made to head to camp to meet them. We aired down and took the short drive to our first track of the day. The first washout we came to had a small puddle on the other side yet was alot deeper than it looked. From here we went up to travel along a ridge line rocky and steep in some places. We travelled along it for awhile and then started our short decent back down to the low lands. Caswells track was the next we went down and as you can see by the photos some of us got a bit caught out on the first obstacle. This track has a fair bit of water laying around but was quite a good challenging drive. We headed south and came out on Moxeys Trail which took us to a open are were we had some lunch. After lunch we headed back up and onto the trails. We were driving along a track which just seemed to disappear into a huge rut but on closer inspection the call was made to continue on needing a spotter or two to get us through the obstacle. Our objective for the afternoon was Tower Rd as I was hoping for a good veiw and to see if there was actually a tower there. After Hendo coming over a rise and not seeing the hole he drove straight in and proceeded to get stuck.... again. After heading up to the tower we headed back and collected the trailer for some wood and headed back to camp. Sunday a couple of us headed out for a run which saw me get...... my winch out and a hole in the sidewalk of 1 of my tires.

We covered roughly 40klms in about 6hrs and the terrain we travelled was awesomely challenging and some of the best driving I've had in awhile.

Big thanks to everyone who came out to make this trip very enjoyable. Aza did an amazing job in the Challenger. Big thanks to:
Brett for the videos and coming out to his first meet.
Hendo for getting stuck.... twice.
Daniel for showing me that Nissan do need a small "tug" once awhile.
Cath for the still shots and keeping the conversation from going to s#@$
Rudy and his son for for making the trip and helping change the spare.
Richard..... well...... he kept us all in check being the O/C there
Itlldo for turning up on his way to Byron Bay.

Will be planning another trip for around the second week in August maybe down Zig Zag. Feel free to add anything I missed as there was alot I should mention but this is getting long enough.

Cheers Luthy


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Todd's cruiser looks like it's not even on this sides wheels.
That was a close one.
Kudos to the boys for rallying quickly on that one.

Again, thanks for sorting the trip Luthy, we certainly covered some ground on the saturday and picking up the kids at maccas in the morning.
cheers to everyone for making me feel welcome and letting me take part.
I was also super stoked to see Az chucking the challenger around and getting to use that diff lock for the 3rd time.
Whilst I didn't snag one of those spring rolls, it was a top day out.
Sorry I couldn't stick around to be more social and get to know everyone a bit better.

and whilst Hendo floated his rig a few times, we can't say he wasn't having a go :cool:

here's the short vid (full one to follow) posted in the trip thread for those who check out the trip reports. ( I can delete it from the other if posting it 2 spots is a no no)

looking forward to Kath's pics

cheers Brett


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Cheers mate. Thoroughly enjoyed the day.
I'm thinking about taking a mate up but doing the tracks in reverse. I think going up could offer some challenges.
Might need to take hendo as a depth guage though..
I'm glad you knew where you were going on the day.
I'll have to book in some leave for the Sept weekend.


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Its complicated.
The family lives in SE Qld, but I work in Newcastle, rent a place in the Terrace and try and fit my time in between all 3.

I haven't been out to play in Wallaroo for around 10-12 years, back when it rained regularly and the place was almost a swamp. I was out there 2 weeks ago in a fire truck, but we didn't push our luck after getting it bogged the day before. 10T takes a bit of un-bogging when engaging 4x4 just digs it deeper


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Hey Brett, let me know if you are going to go back up, I've been up there a few times now, be more then happy to be depth gauge lol

@Hoyks, I'm just over at williamstown way so if you want to head up just let me know and ill come up for a spin

I used to take my black lab/ridgeback X along for the day trips as a depth gauge.
If there was water, she'd be straight into it, 3 inches or 3 meters, clear or mud soup, she didn't care. She was about 28" at the shoulder, so when she got a worried look on her face and went from walking to paddling, then I knew it was probably going to be too deep for me.

I'm away (again), but I'll take you up on that Hendo.


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for anyone who wants it, I've recorded the route we took on the Saturday if anyone wants the gpx file.
If the mapping on here gets sorted, I'll stick it up because I couldn't see anything in the area when I looked.

Im looking to do a reccy run up Mount sugar loaf this Saturday. I'll post in trips though, so to leave this thread for the trip report.

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Well I've finally finished sorting through the 400-odd photos I took over the weekend! @denmonkey I've just sent you a Dropbox invite to view the folder I've got a bunch of them saved in. Grab as many as you want for the video. Ping me if you don't get the invite...
I'll upload some photos here too :D
If anyone has any shots of me and Priscilla I'd love them, please! :)
Thanks again for an awesome weekend! :cool:

Kath Wood

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